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What's Expected of a Symposium Organizer?

Drawing upon its years of experience, the MRS staff and volunteer leadership offers a wealth of advice and assistance for the Society's Symposium Organizers. MRS handles much of the day-to-day communications with authors, session chairs, symposium assistants, and others. They produce the Call for Papers and announce its availability to more than 40,000 potential meeting attendees. They collect the resulting abstracts and distribute them to the Symposium Organizers, and provide them with detailed instructions and guidance for preparing their programs. MRS also develops the Program and Abstract Books, advises authors whether their papers have been accepted, manages the onsite operation of the Meeting, and more.

How Should a Symposium Proposal Be Prepared and Submitted?

Early proposals generally consist of a brief summary of the intended focus of your symposium, the names and affiliations of the Symposium Organizers, and a review of any history of the symposium at previous MRS Meetings. If you haven't organized a recent MRS symposium--and, therefore, will not receive the standard email reminder that proposals are due--Meeting Chair names and contact information are posted on the MRS Web site about two years before the event. You can find them in the Future MRS Meetings section of this website.

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