The International Conference and Exhibition on Nursing is the perfect source for information on continuing medical education nursing courses as well as the most happening worldwide conferences in the field of healthcare.

ICEN 2019 Will Focus on  Exploring Nursing Education through recent advances in Nursing. Nursing 2019 working towards the development of future nursing our vision is to contribute to people’s health through research, education and interprofessional collaboration in nursing based on scientific evidence. We have a strong research link and an interprofessional profile. The division has an extensive international exchange. Our activities are founded in knowledge that supports health, alleviates suffering, increases participation and provides fundamental care needs.

The International Conference and Exhibition on Nursing aim to share information and skill of nursing, midwifery and healthcare personnel all over the world and to influence and inspire students and professionals to work for social care needs of their respective communities.

The conference seeks to attract healthcare professionals working for the growth and establishment of nursing, midwifery and healthcare education, in addition to those who are involved in training healthcare professionals. The conference is open to faculty, nursing and midwifery educationalists, academic administrators, senior education managers, practitioners, researcher, and students.


Leadership Structure

Nursing 2019 Scientific Networks

Nursing 2019 Group Leadership & Committe Structure

Nursing 2019 Standing Committees

Organizing committee

Local Organizing Committee

Publications Committee

Scientific Advisory Board Committee

Membership Committee

Awards Committee

Editorial Board Committee

Program Committee

Women Scientist Committee

Review Committee

Student organizing Committee

Social Issues Committee

Committee on Quality

Blog Committee

Sponsorship & Exhibitions Committee

Workshops Committee

Symposium Committee

Media Partnership committee

Nursing 2019 Scientific Committees

1 Nursing Teaching Strategies

2 Nursing Management

3 Psychiatric Nurses

4 Peri-Operative Nursing

5 Critical Care Nursing

6 Nursing Types

7 Critical Care for the Nurse Practitioner

8 Nursing Education

9 International Nursing Education

10 Advanced Nursing Practice

11 Disaster Nursing

12 Nursing Practice

13 Pediatric Nursing

14 Clinical Nursing

15 Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

16 Emergency Nursing

17 Environmental Health Nursing

18 Cardiac Nursing

19 Risk Factors in Nursing and Healthcare professionals

20 Cardiac Nursing Management

21 Dental Nursing

22 Public health and Health Care Technology

23 Nursing Anesthesia

24 Gerontologic Nursing

25 Palliative care

26 Medical decision making and health economics

27 Neonatal nursing

28 Nursing Informatics

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