Nano San Diego 2018, delivers application-focused research from the top international academic, private industry labs. Number of leading researchers, scientists, engineers and technology developers participate in Nano San Diego to identify new technology trends, development tools, and product opportunities. The first Nanotechnology Conference was held at in San Diego, USA. A group of scientists and researchers gathered to discuss and share developments, innovations and research in the growing, but still emerging science of Nanotechnology.

 The event was such a success that it became an annual event in this year. Every year since those humble beginnings, the conference has grown in both scope and audience. The conference no longer exclusively focuses only on scientists and researchers, although sharing research and developments remains a cornerstone of the conference. Nano San Diego now reaches out to investors, venture capitalists and business executives interested in how nanotechnology can drive business in the 21 century.


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Nano Group Leadership & Committe Structure

Nano Standing Committees

Organizing committee

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Publications Committee

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Nano Scientific Committees

1. NanoPhotonics & Nanofluidics

2. Nanotechnology in Medicine & Life science

4. Nanobiotechnology

5. Nanomaterials & Nanostructures

6. Molecular nanotechnology

7. Nanometrology

8. Nanotechnology for energy and environment

9. Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications

10. Micro nanoelectronics and micro nanorobotics

11. Nanotechnologies for 3D printing

12. New Materials and techniques for Nanoanalysis

13. Health and safety implications of nanomaterials

14. Light Interaction with Nanomaterials

15. Applications of Nanotechnology

16. Recent Trends in Nanotechnology

17. Nanotechnology in Point of Care Diagnostics

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