The Conference provides finest a platform to present the research works of analytical expertise from various Scientific backgrounds and the same can be perceived by young researchers and students. This conference brings Professors, Scientific Communities, Delegates, Students, Business professionals and executives together. Experts from everywhere throughout the world to give out their thoughts around the concerned subject of the Chemical Science and Chemical Engineering

Chemistry 2020 is one of the forum for critical analysis of new designing, and to share latest cutting-edge research findings and results about all aspects of  each session of the meeting will be included with expert  Lectures, Poster and Discussions,workshops ,Exhibitions and Symposium. Join us to design sustainable development processes, innovations by which and how these strategies drive new policies, advances the business and sustainability in Chemical Science and Chemical Engineering.

Leadership Structure

CSCE 2020 Scientific Networks

CSCE 2020 Group Leadership & Committe Structure

CSCE 2020 Standing Committees

Organizing committee

Local Organizing Committee

Publications Committee

Scientific Advisory Board Committee

Membership Committee

Awards Committee

Editorial Board Committee

Program Committee

Women Scientist Committee

Review Committee

Student organizing Committee

Social Issues Committee

Committee on Quality

Blog Committee

Sponsorship & Exhibitions Committee

Workshops Committee

Symposium Committee

Media Partnership committee

CSCE 2020 Scientific Committees

1. Inorganic chemistry

2. Organic chemistry

3. Industrial chemistry

4. Bio chemistry

5. Physical chemistry

6. Electro chemistry

7. Polymer chemistry

8. Analytical chemistry

9. Chemical engineering

10. Environmental chemistry

11. Polymer chemistry

12. Materials chemistry

13. Theoretical chemistry

14. Nuclear chemistry

15. Stereo chemistry

16. Agricultural chemistry

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