The International Conference and Exhibition on Nursing is the perfect source for information on continuing medical education nursing courses as well as the most happening worldwide conferences in the field of Nursing and healthcare.

ICEN 2019 Will Focus on Innovations and Advanced Practices in Nursing & Challenges to Provide Health Care. The conference offers a forum to network and interact with other healthcare professionals, earn credits and stay updated on the hottest advancements in the field. Our database lists national and international conferences, opportunities, speakers and events to customize your experience at the conference as per your preferences and interests.

The International Conference and Exhibition on Nursing aim to share information and skill of nursing, midwifery and healthcare personnel all over the world and to influence and inspire students and professionals to work for social care needs of their respective communities. 

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General Information

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The target audience is clinical nurses, those from Magnet-designated hospitals and those on the Journey to Magnet Excellence, and any nurse interested in learning about or becoming more proficient in nursing quality and research.

Nurse practitioners, Nursing Instructors, Nursing Lecturers, Staff development educators, Preceptor, Directors and doctors, nurses, care  
Continuing education specialists assistants and NH directors/ managers and Health Care Professionals & Administrator and Faculty members who are in nursing universities and Nursing researchers, Physicians, Nursing Training Institutes.

1. Advancement of the profession-  when more nurses recognize the importance of continuing their skills through additional training and continuing education opportunities then nursing will continue to be recognized as a solid, scientific profession.

2Make professional connections-.Exchange ideas, help each other troubleshoot tricky diagnoses and share issues that you’re facing in your profession.

3. Increase your knowledge base- The learning experience at a conference is unmatched, as you can ask questions and get instant feedback from the professionals.

4. Understand the long-term value and return on investment of becoming a Pathway to Excellence organization, and how to achieve this distinction.

5. Learn how to align your nursing environment to the Excellence practice standards, increase nurse job satisfaction, and improve organizational outcomes.

6. Nursing conferences allow nurses of all levels of experience to participate in an area of career and education growth that is not easily found within the structure of the workplace.

7. Explore new information about their area of interest through presentations made by speakers, or through the study of abstracts presented at the conference.  

8. Meet and discuss ideas with the authors and presenters directly, generating a real-time forum in which conversation and debate can flourish. 

9. Enhance the nurse’s self-image within the hospital hierarchy.

10. Advance Planning- While some nurses are able to be presenters, most attend the ICNE 2018 conference as a participant. As such, participants should make sure to take full advantage of what the conference has to offer.

11. A nursing conference is an opportunity to meet others within the speciality, to network and to learn the latest clinical information.

12. Networking – participating in nursing conferences gives you a way to meet, interact with, and make contacts with other experts in your interest area.

13. Nursing conferences offer a chance for you to learn about several educational advancements in one place.


Attractions of scientific session

Scientific Sessions attracts many professional attendees, with a global presence from more countries. And million medical professionals participate virtually in lectures and discussions about basic, translational, clinical and population science.

Exciting changes have been made to the Scientific Sessions’ structure, and new topics have been added to increase the educational offerings available to attendees.

New programming tracks include Workplace Health, Health Tech, Clinical Trialists and  Healthcare.

Scientific Sessions will also feature the Simulation Zone, hands-on simulation activities, in addition to our very well-received Case Theaters, which offer 45-minute live presentations of recorded cases, accompanied by a panel discussion.



Scope of Scientific session

The scope and quality of the scientific programming make Scientific Sessions the premier cardiovascular research and instructional meeting in the world with over many invited speakers of the world’s top leaders in the areas of cardiovascular disease.

Other highlights include joint sessions with professional societies from around the world, Professor Rounds of posters, and much more!

Join the International conference and exhibition Nursing & Palliative science Nursing conference in Chicago, on February and experience more sessions, with invited faculty, and many abstract presentations; all from the world’s leaders in Nursing.



Understand Your Competition and Referral Sources

Determine the catchment or service area for the facility being studied. The competitive landscape, availability, and ease of transportation and patient mindset plays a huge role in determining how far loved ones are willing to travel to visit the patient.

Analyze Your Referral Sources

The calculation of market potential begins with determining the percentage that the discharged from this hospital

Analyze the Competition

A series of reports combine to form a market profile that allows the study of various aspects of the competitors’ strategies.

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Learn From The Experts

The nursing conference will be a great opportunity for researchers, scientists, professors, speakers to discuss new approaches in the field of nursing. This gives more information to the young researchers, scientists, and students. The conference is mainly targeted for basic scientists and others who put their effort in this field. The conference aims to provide many interesting perspectives on how the medical sciences will work on nursing and providing new opportunities, challenges to explore to the scientists. 

One can create innovative nursing ideas that will expand their strengths and discoveries.

Get Inspired

Get inspired by the highlighted keynote and plenary speakers the conference. This talented scientist will motivate and inspire, move you towards the success in your future. The bold talks, big ideas, panel discussions by speakers, students, researches, etc help to inspire the next generation of nursing. This leads to better understanding and gives a unique experience by attending our conference. Listening to presentations of participating members will teach  you of what others are doing, will inspire your research ideas of your own thoughts and will expose you to different styles of presentation .it will helps you to Gather up your courage and do it anyway; you'll learn a lot, and eventually you will get better at it.

about the company logo
about the company logo

Achieve Nursing Success

The nursing conference makes inspire you to achieve success in nursing research!!

The multidisciplinary research areas to join this conference, to discuss the benefits  of nursing and  nursing systems in their research and development efforts to advance the networking, and collaborating with different academic, research and market leaders in the field and to stimulate the exchange of educational concepts which ensures a bright future  in the field of nursing.


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