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International Conference and Exhibition on Genome Science conference aims to provide a platform for Scientists, Researchers, Professors, Policy Makers, Technology developers, Students, Exhibitors, Entrepreneurs, Academicians, Medical representatives, to exchange information on latest research trends in Genome Science. The participants of the conference forum actively engage in research discussions, professional development and create opportunities for the next generation workforce to develop their professional skills. Participants from the top international universities, government, and private organizations participate in International Conference and Exhibition on Genome Science to identify development tools, new technology trends, R&D collaborations and product opportunities.

International Conference and Exhibition on Genome Science will cover a wide range of current research and interdisciplinary topics related to the field of Genome Science.

This conference includes keynote lectures, plenary lectures, invited talks by eminent personalities, oral & poster presentations, it is an excellent opportunity for students to meet and discuss with lead researchers. It serves the information needs of business, public communities, academics & government.

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General Information

For Members

1. You’ll create a vision, expand your vision or move your vision the next level of success in your research!
2. You’ll rekindle dreams and goals you may have set aside that are directly tied to your unique gift.
3. You’ll gain expert knowledge on taking charge of your career, reducing debt and earning the knowledge you deserve.
4. You’ll discover ways to have a bigger impact – in your research, career, and business and in your profession.
5. You’ll be re-energized and excited about taking on new challenges while managing fear and doubt.
 You’ll learn ways to enhance your relationships -both in your personal and professional life.
7. You’ll make valuable connections with other success-minded individuals committed to living a purposeful life.
8. You’ll ignite a sense of empowerment, confidence, and a new passion for who you are and what you do.
9. You’ll gain practical skills and knowledge to make advancements in your career or profession.
10. You’ll be inspired to action by the genome conference by the keynote, plenary speakers and the incredible speakers who’ll be joining the conference.
11. Improve Your Research and/or Clinical Work: With over a lot of platforms and invited presentations and specialty workshops, you will increase your expertise and skills.
12. To Inspire: Expert speakers from our conference and around the world INSPIRE attendees through plenary presentations, focused breakout sessions and a poster session.

ICEGS-2018 is expecting the participants from all over the globe in the field of Genome Science.

ICEGS-2018 is specially designed to create a platform for

  1. Scientists.
  2. Junior/Senior research fellows.
  3. Professors.
  4. Researchers.
  5. Policy Makers.
  6. Technology Developers.
  7. Academicians.
  8. Directors/Employees of Government/Private Organizations.
  9. Students.
  10. Members of different Genome science associations.
  11. Exhibitors.
  12. Entrepreneur.
  13. Industrialists.

If your organization is focused on innovation and efficiency to advance the health of our communities, you should reserve your booth now!  

Approximately 1,000 Genome leaders will attend, charged with the management of quality, staffing, and safety for their organizations.

1. Introduce your products and services: to an elite audience of medical professionals whose practices service an extensive and affluent patient base.

2. Reach over one thousand decision-makers: in only one weekend at a single location.
3. Acquire the best-qualified sales leads: while creating long-term relationships and building networking opportunities.
4. Gain the competitive edge: with increased market share.
5. Build awareness: The next medical breakthrough could potentially be your product or service.
More of What Exhibitors Want:
6More Choices: Take advantage of a wide variety of exhibiting packages, built to suit every budget.
7. More Visibility: Showcase your products and services to an international audience of attendees.
8. More Results: Enjoy venues conducive to product demonstrations and one on one interactions with buyers
9. More People: Meet thousands of scientists and researchers, all of whom are doing innovative research modalities for their profession and career.

The scope and quality of the scientific programming make Scientific Sessions the premier Genome Science research and instructional meeting in the world with over a number of invited speakers of the world’s top leaders in the areas of Genome Science.

Concurrent scientific sessions open to all attendees featuring the latest in Genome Science.Opportunity to meet representatives from different organizations in scientific sessions. Scientific Sessions is the leading Genome Science conference for basic, translational, clinical and population scienceScientific Sessions attracts professional attendees, with a global presence from all over the world.

 In addition, medical professionals participate in lectures and discussions about Cancer genetics, Bioinformatics in genomics, Evolutionary and population genetics, Epigenetics.

The Global Marketing Analytics brings together the most brilliant minds at the front lines of Genome Science.

The global genomics market is segmented by methods, technology, instruments, consumables, services, and geography. The genomics industry is still at a nascent stage with many untapped markets present across the globe. However, the sequencing method is relatively at a mature stage, especially, in the developed markets. As the scale of genomes data grows, the data analysis and interpretation market is expected to grow at a significant rate in the near future.

Next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) technology has transformed biomedical research, making genome and RNA sequencing an affordable and commonly used tool for a wide variety of research applications. As a result, the market has been stressed to manage the enormous data output from this process. Therefore, the complexity and sheer amount of data generated by NGS have led to a need for genomic centers to form bioinformatics teams in order to analyze the output data.

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Learn From The Experts

Genome Science Experts will teach you the principles and skills of Genome research – from basic to advanced – to improve and transform your research utilizing the latest Genome research techniques.

Genome Science Marketing Stories: Hear success stories from businesses/professionals who have successfully implemented Genome Science solutions. These case studies will profile a number of companies and industries who’ve leveraged Genome Science Marketing to drive remarkable success.

Get Inspired

Make a Plan

When it’s time to catch up on what’s going on in your industry, you need to carefully plan which sessions will be the best fit for you. Study the list of presenters and exhibitors to find the gold among all the dross. When you’re at sessions and immediately thereafter, sort out “ideas” from actionable items.

Expert Advice
World Conference features world-class keynote speakers who are eager to inspire you with stories of how quality has been successful through the years, educate you on the latest in quality methodologies, and connect you with others passionate about quality.


about the company logo
about the company logo

Achieve Genome Success

Achieve Genome Science Success

The Genomic Science conference will be a wonderful event for research scientists/postdocs/principal/investigators/lab directors/counselors and other genetics professionals to learn about recent advances in genome science research. This year conference will be highlighted some fabulous presentations from Speakers.

"None of us is as smart as all of us."

Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork!  As said before, an event proof is nothing without their super team working with them! Our staff and co-workers are full of good ideas. Bouncing thoughts off each other is a great way to turn a good idea into a great idea! Keeping an open mind is key because the best ideas are born out of collaboration.

Hard work and preparedness go a long way and are necessary to being successful. Reread these quotes every once in a while to give yourself the boost you need to motivate you to event success!


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