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International Conference and Exhibition on Genome Science Malaysia 2019 cordially invite all the participants who are interested in sharing their knowledge and research in the area of Genome Science. Genome Malaysia 2019 will bring all the specialists together working on the interface between genome sciences. Our conference will cover the most recent and exciting advances in genome research. The genome conference invites all the genetic professionals to learn about new discoveries and discuss their own conclusion in research. As the foundation of life, genetics provides a base for other sciences to grow. As we learn more about genetics and genomics applications, further knowledge can be integrated into the diagnosis and treatment of disease and learning more about the complexities of human biology.

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Learn From The Experts

ICEGS Malaysia 2019 is a place where the experts can show their eminence work in the conference and share their valuable experience in the field of Genome and for exploring the proven strategies, technologies, and practices that work in research and development.

Develop a passion for learning from different people with different thoughts Genome Malaysia 2019 is a platform where you can meet different scientists, professors, officials from worldwide.

Get Inspired

Attending a conference is a professionally rewarding experience. Meeting different professionals from various organizations and companies will be a great learning. Listening to presentations will inspire to do new research ideas and will expose to different styles of presentation. Genome Malaysia 2019 will help you to collaborate with new advancements and researches to explore and have a clear idea in each and every aspect.

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Achieve Genome Success

To get success it is always good to interact with the different professionals to share your ideas, experiences, knowledge. Genome conference gives a platform to exchange thoughts which leads to a successful event. The conference mainly focuses on Modern research and Developments in Genome.


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