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Mustafa Afifi

Associate Professor


Conducted and participated in many research as shown below in publications section 6 majoring the following

NCDs and Mental Health and Reproductive health and gender issues

All Publications and presentations are below mentioned.

Courses in Research Methods from the American University Cairo (AUC),

Courses in in Research Ethics from Kuwa Zulu Natal University, Durben, SouthAfrica.

Certificate of Completion of NIDA Clinical Trial Network valid till 14/01/2018

Singapore Medical Association AWARD for two times. The Reviewer Distinction Award for the Singapore Medical Journal for the years 2007 and 2009/2010.

Clinical Experience (Before Holding DrPH on Jan 1997- Most recent first)

Oct 1993- Jan 1997

Dr.P.H Scholarship from High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University

  • Attending lectures and preparing seminars supervised by my professors and assistant professors.
  • Collecting data in field work for my DrPH thesis and other scientific papers.
  • Participating in teaching and medical conferences.

August 1991- Oct 1993

School Health Doctor- MoH- Oman

  • Carrying out the routine medical examination for school students.
  • Provision of consultation services to individual students, students referred by the school health nurse, teachers or parents.
  • Referral of complicated cases to secondary or tertiary care.
  • Follow up of chronic medical cases.
  • Health education for the school students and the community.
  • Supervision of the work of health inspector regarding the school environment.
  • Attending parents- teachers meeting held in the schools.

Dec 1986 - Sept 1989

Resident Internal Medicine- Alexandria Main University Hospital

  • Management of patients in the medical ward, OPD, and causality.
  • Participation in the academic activities in the Faculty of medicine as medical conferences
  • Preparing for M.S degree collecting hospital- based data for M.S Thesis.
  • During my residency program I have got Masters Degree in Internal Medicine, Alexandria University.

March 1985 - Dec 1986

House officer and GP in Alexandria Main University Hospital & Ministry of Health



  1. Member of the Egyptian Medical Council (from March 1986 till date)
  2. Member of the International Association For Medical Education (AMEE)

since 2015 till date)

  1. Member of the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME) since 2005 till date
  2. Member of the Eastern-Mediterranean-Association-of-Medical-Editors

(EMAME) since 2005 till date

  1. Ex- Member of the American Public health Association (APHA). 6- Ex- Member of the Editorial Board, the Saudi medical Journal.
  1. Ex- Associate Editor- in- Chief, Oman Medical Journal
  2. Member of the International Advisory Board, Oman Medical Journal. [ PubMed Indexed]

  1. Member of the Editorial Board of Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology. [ PubMed Indexed]

  1. Reviewer for many international PubMed- indexed peer review medical journals.
  2. Member of the Editorial Board of ISRN Cardiology.
  3. Member of the Editorial Board of Open Access Journal of Contraception.

  1. Member of the Editorial Board of Our Demography Online

1- Published papers in peer reviewed journals:


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