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Mohammed Sa’d Wanas ALBashtawy Date

Associate Professor


BSN: Jordan University of Science and Technology, 1989, Irbid, Jordan.

MPH: Jordan University of Science and Technology, 1996, Irbid, Jordan.

Project title: Visual acuity disorders among school children in North Shuna City, Jordan.

Diploma: High diploma in Education and school administration, 1999,

                Yarmouk University.



PhD: University of Alexandria, Egypt, 2009, Community Health Nursing.

Dissertation title: Prevalence of obesity and contributing factors among North Jordan's population.



Research  Interests:

   My areas of interest are mainly on:

  1. School health.
  2. Children and adolescents and young people health
  3. Violence and screening studies.
  4. Healthy lifestyles and epidemiological studies.
  5. Community and public health studies.

Professional Membership and Activities:


  1. A member  of the health insurance  Committee for the employees and students in the Al al-Bayt University from 2016 till now.
  2. A member  of the Scientific Research Committee in the Al al-Bayt University from 2015 till now.
  3. Chairperson of the Scientific Research Committee and Conferences in the nursing faculty from 2013 -2015.
  4. A member of the Al al-Bayt University Council, 2009-2010.
  5. A member of many Committees (Quality Assurance, Curriculum Revision, Scientific committee) at the nursing faculty, during the period between 2010-2013.
  6. Chairperson of the Academic Counseling Committee at the nursing faculty during 2011-2013.
  7. Chairperson of the Social Committee at the nursing faculty during 2011-2013
  8. A member of many examination member at many universities in Jordan (Jordan University, Jarash University, Zarka University), for verbal exam of the Clinical Practicum Course for graduated nursing students.


  1. Coordinator of Tempus Tawasul Project; developing service learning and civil engagement partnerships across the curriculum of community health nursing and local community. During the year 2011-2012.


 International Societies Membership:

  1. A member of the Jordan Nursing and Midwives Council. From 1989-present.
  2. A member of Waqqas Center for Handicapped and Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation. From 1995-2012.
  3. A member of the School Health Accreditation, Ministry of Education, 2009.
  4. A member and co-coordinator of the project " My School". Between the faculty of nursing and Directorate of Qasba Education Office, in collaboration with Ministry of Education.
  5. Consultant member in composing books for Ministry of Education    (Nursing and health stream). During the period of 2005-2006.
  6. Committee member in composing and reviewing books (Epidemiology, Health culture,Nutrition and Biostatistics) for Ministry of Education (Nursing and health stream). During the period of 2006-2012.
  7. Coordinator for the blood transfusion campaign at nursing faculty. March, 2011.
  8. Coordinator of pediculosis screening campaign among primary school in Mafraq Governorate. For two weeks, during the year 2010.
  9. Coordinator of Visual Acuity and Refractive Errors screening  campaign among primary school in Mafraq Governorate. For one week during the year 2012.Coordinated and in collaboration with Mafraq Hospital.
  10. Coordinator of pediculosis screening campaign among children in Um- el-Jmal Town. For three weeks, during the year 2012.
  11. Chairperson for the Competition of Schools Nutrition and Food Additives for School Age Students, Ministry of Education, for two years (2012-2013).
  12. A member of a committee formed to establish a "Bachelor degree in health administration" at Al al-Bayt University.2013.
  13. A member of Public Health in the Arab World Communities. American University, Beirut-Lebanon. From 2013-Present.

Editorial Board for:

1-International Journal of Nursing and Medwifrey (IJNM), from 2014 till now.

2- International journal of medicne and medical sciences (IJMMS).

from 2013 till now.

External Examiner for Master Nursing Thesis :

1-Attitudes of Jordanian adolescent students toward overweight and obesity. Faculty of nursing, Jordan University of Science and  Technology. At 18-4-2012.

2-Workplace violence among hospital nurses and physicians in underserved areas of Jordan. Faculty of nursing, Jordan University of Science and  Technology. At 16-1-2013.

3- Differences in perception of leadership styles between nurse manager and their followers in Irbid Governorate hospitals. At  4-4-2015.



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