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Melba Sheila D’souza,

Adult Health and Critical Care

My professional nursing practice has an emphasis on direct-patient care in the critical care, high dependency and acute care across a multicultural population in the Middle East and India. My phenomenal scholarly journey integrates the significance of health promotion and education in Type 2 Diabetes, Colorectal Cancer, Renal Disease, and Coronary Heart Disease. With a philosophical and empirical basis in clinical application and practice on patient safety, coping, transition, and preceptorship, I have appreciated the positivity of nursing in todays’ world. I have worked on 15 funded international and national research grants with a collaborative team. I have 40 international indexed publications. I have presented diverse papers and posters in international, regional and national conferences. I am an editorial member and peer reviewer in several international and national peer reviewed journals. I had been a visiting consultant and external examiner in local universities for undergraduate nursing programs.

Research grantsExploringhealth relatedRenal care and intradialytic interventions for improving quality of life after dialysis among adults with ESRD
Stress and coping among critical care nurses in the intensive care units 2016, The Research Council, Co-Principal Investigator
problems and quality of life among T2DM 2016, The Research Council, Co-Principal Investigator
andcare givers 2016, Ministry of Health, Co-Investigator
Multi-media strategies for improving self-care management among after dialysis among adults with Chronic renal failure and T2DM 2016, Ministry of Health, Co-Investigator

Evidence based practice competence among student nurses: cross country comparison study 2016, Sultan Qaboos University, Co-Investigator
Efficacy of High Fidelity Simulator in an Undergraduate Nursing Curriculum 2015, Sultan Qaboos University, Co-Investigator
Evaluation of Simulation for Nursing Courses: Student and Faculty Perspectives 2015, Sultan Qaboos University, Co-Investigator
Effectiveness of diabetes education program to improve self-care management for adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus 2013, Sultan Qaboos University, Principal Investigator
Knowledge, experiences, barriers to colorectal cancer screening: a survey of healthcare providers working in primary care settings in Oman, 2012, Sultan Qaboos
University , Co-Principal Investigator
Self-Care Management of Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Muscat 2010, Sultan Qaboos University, Principal Investigator
Reflective practice as
student centered learning for patient safety, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Co-Investigator
Inter professional collaboration using high fidelity simulation pedagogy in nursing, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Co-Principal Investigator
Evaluation of Clinical learning environment among nursing students at university level, College of Nursing, Principal Investigator
Assessment of E-learning among nursing faculty in CON, College of Nursing, Principal Investigator
Stress and coping measures among nursing students in
curriculum, College of Nursing, Principal Investigator 

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