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Alicia San Jose

Research Coordinator

Dr. San José likes to be called Alicia. She is a former lecturer at the Nursing College of the University of Valladolid, in Spain. She was born in this medium size city in Spain, but soon she discovered this town would become small and needed to search out for more experiences.

Before her career took the twist into the academic field, Alicia had gained clinical intensive care experience in different Europeans countries. She began by an Erasmus exchange in Sweden, continued with 4 years of professional nursing work in England, continued with another 3 years in Paris to finish doing clinical intensive care research with a potent group in one of the best research hospitals in Spain, the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona.

Once in the University, her management skills were tested by, not only being the responsible person for a Practicum, but the International Relations Coordinator for the College. She also found a new passion when she was in charge to teach undergraduate students with the 3G advance simulator.

Her research skills keep growing as she moved back to Barcelona to take on the post of Research Coordinator, where she keeps in contact with the academic world through Final Masters Assay direction and courses to undergraduate students in the University of Barcelona.

She adores her profession, the students, and thinks nurses can achieve great things with the adequate support and training. For this reason she is trying to create a nursing research network for critical nursing care.

Current Research

  • Nursing care to the critically ill patient
  • Mechanical ventilation: invasive and non-invasive
  • Infections in the critically ill patient, with a focus in pneumonia
  • Nursing education
  • Early mobilization of the critical patient

Interested topics

  • Nursing burn-out
  • Advance simulation in nursing education


  • 1999- Erasmus Grant
  • 2011 – Member of the Nursing Deontological Committee of the Board of Nursing of Valladolid from November 2010 until September 2016.
  • 2014 - Member of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Technical Nursing Group, University of Valladolid, November 2014 until August 2016.
  • 2014 – International Relations Coordinator, University of Valladolid, October 2014 until August 2016.

2016 – Member of the Associate Professor Selection Committee, University of Valladolid.

International collaborations

  • Medical Sciences, editorial board member. Nursing section.
  • CC-DEN. CRITICAL CARE DOCTORAL EUROPEAN NURSES GROUP. Part of European Federation of Critical Care Nursing Associations (EfCCNa).


  • Sociedad Espanola de Enfermeria Intensiva y Unidades Coronarias (SEEIUC) (SpanishNationalSociety of Critical and CoronaryCareNurses).
  • Sociedad Espanola de Neumologia y Cirurgia Toracica (SEPAR) (SpanishNationalSociety of Pneumology and ThoracicSurgery).