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Chiara Gallione

Contract Professor

Professor Gallione was born in Novara. She earned a Master's Degree in Nursing and Obstetric Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Eastern Piedmont, magna cum laude (110/110 cum laude) in 2013 and a bachelor’s degree in nursing (110/110) in 2002. 

She is Professor at the University of Eastern Piedmont, Lecturer and Coordinator for the disciplines "Professional Laboratories",  “Reading comprehension and Critical Appraisal of scientific literature", "Experimental Pedagogy", and collaborates with “Master in tutoring for nursing, obstetric and rehabilitation health professions” as Coordinator of Integrated Course "Qualitative methodologies and techniques in social research" .

She is a lecturer for several professional training courses, as "Reduce the theory-practice gap: the implementation of the check list in complex gestural skills", "Discussion of a clinical case: conduction and method", "Tutorship and internship: the basics of the training action”, "Tutorship: from the practice to the assessment of professional skills", “The OSCE exam in the nursing student's profit evaluation", “Introduction to the application of nursing diagnoses according to the NANDA methodology",  "Learning by doing, the simulation of nursing practices in the process of professional empowerment".

Speaker at the National Congress DIDAMATICA-TURIN 2011; Poster presentation "A blended teaching experience in nursing education" Suardi B., Massobrio E., Gallione C., Rinaldi C., Vadalà L., Zavaglio A.

She also collaborated with the "Infection Risk Prevention Unit" (2005-2008) as a contact person for the definition of specific projects concerning hospital infections (2005: "Insertion and management of central and peripheral venous catheters"; 2006: construction and implementation of indicators for the assessment of the level of compliance with hospital protocols for the prevention of hospital infections, 2008: Lecturer In The Training Course "Preventive Measures Of Risk Of Infection In Hospital: Which Adhesion?").


Chiara is a proud Fellow of the Federazione Nazionale Ordini delle Professioni Infermieristiche and collaborates on the Final Exam for the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and for the Master’s Degree in Nursing and Obstetrics.

Current Research

  • Frail elder
  • Abuse (Elder abuse)
  • Sleep disorders and changes in circadian rhythm
  • Ventricular Assist devices
  • Simulation of nursing practices in the process of professional empowerment

She is currently Professor in charge of Erasmus and Free Mover for the Master of Science in Nursing and for Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, University of Eastern Piedmont, School of Medicine, Department of Translational Medicine, School of Medicine.


  • Referee for the electronic journal PLOS ONE (Public Library of Science, San Francisco, USA) from the year 2017
  • Referee for L'Infermiere Journal 2017, 2018


  1. Accepted, in publication

Gallione C., Mastroianni G., Suardi B., Disturbi del sonno e stato di fragilita’ nell’anziano: una revisione narrativa, Professioni Infermieristiche,  312-1129-1 ED


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