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Jinguo Zhai

Associate Director of Nursing and Midwifery

Dr.Jinguo Zhai is an Associate Director of Midwifery & Nursing at Southern Medical University in the School of Nursing & Shenzhen Hospital – Guangzhou of China. Zhai’s expertise and research relates to: Nursing and Midwifery Research, Midwifery Simulation,Midwifery Education , Perinatal Nursing of high risk pregnant women.

She was awarded several scholarships from China government to education of professional midwives. She also was awarded several funding to use wearable medical equipment s to early warning of obstetric adverse events.

Zhai’s professional life has been spent mainly in the areas of obstetrics and women’s health in the roles of L&D staff nurse, perinatal clinical nurse specialis, and as a women’s health professional. Zhai also put into professional practice in perinatal nursing and teaching of undergraduate and graduate midwifery students. She completed her PHD research at Bayor College of medicine &Texas Children’s Hospital, and also studied obstetrics and gynecology nursing courses at Texas Women University. She is participating in global nursing and midwifery activities in a variety of countries including US,Germany ,Australia

Dr. Zhai’s many years of practice and teaching in the field of perinatal nursing and midwifery have given her ongoing expertise that has led to a Chairman assistant role with National Maternal and Child Health Association.

Zhai has been given many awards throughout her nursing and midwifery career, the most recent being induction as a principal-researcher in Sino-German Educational Expert Team of Specialty Nurses Training  project funded by Shenzhen city government with 10,000 ,000RMB.

Current Research

  • Perinatal Nursing of high risk pregnant women
  • Midwifery Simulation
  • Nursing and Midwifery Research
  • Midwifery Education

Interested topics

  • Perinatal Nursing of high risk pregnant women
  • Midwifery Simulation
  • Nursing and Midwifery Research

 Midwifery Education


  • 2013-2016 –  Interpreter: The 10th south of China maternal-fetal medicine progress seminar, 2015/ The third international Congress "gentle birth" midwifery technology and management, Professor Louise Jenkins , 2015 / Australia midwifery experts technical exchanges Conference, 2014 / University of Iowa team visiting symposium / Duke university & Advanced Nursing Journal, Professor Mark Hayter
  • 2016 – Inspection leader of internship Mid-term teaching: Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital (First Maternity and Infant Hospital of Tongji University) / Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University / Women’s Hospital School of Medicine Zhejiang University / Beijing Heping Hospital of Red Cross Society / Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center
  • 2016 – Nursing and midwifery profession construction committee member and specialist of Zhaoqing city medical college
  • 2016 – Zhaoqing Medical College, Nursing professional teaching standards revision and professional construction seminar & construction steering committee member of nursing and midwifery, the standards revision and professional construction seminar
  • 2016 – Member of the elite training group to the United States, Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital for training from 9/2015—9/2016.
  • 2015 – Member of Global Care Centre (Central of Global nursing scholarship project, CGNS).
  • 2015 – Participated in obstetrics and gynecology and nursing academic conference and obstetrics clinical skills training in TEXAS, US.       
  • 2015 – Completed obstetric and pediatric skills simulation training and certification in TEXAS, United States.
  • 2014 – Conference interpreter at "10th Southern Progress maternal-fetal medicine seminar", "gentle birth midwifery Technology and Management Summit Forum", etc.
  • 2014 – Expert oral  presenter of The nurse psychological pressure adjustment
  • 2014 – Guangdong Lingnan Institute of Nursing Care Forum
  • 2014 – Expert presenter of nursing care of Pre-E pregnant patients
  • 2014,3 -Obstetric Intensive Care Progress ,Annual Conference,
  • 2014 – Expert presenter of care of veganism’s pregnant patients
  • 2014 -National Advanced Midwifery Gentle Childbirth Conference
  • 2014 -Expert presenter of The nurse psychological pressure adjustment
  • 2014 -People's Hospital in Shunde city, 2014.11
  • 2013 -Hospital representative for Guangzhou continuing care quality management (QCC) competition appraised the first award.
  • 2013 -Received "Nightingale International Nurses Day Essay" contest award.
  • 2013 -Participated in various types of speech contests and awarded many prizes, published several articles in the newspaper.

International collaborations

  • Bayor College of medicine , Houston TX, US/Nursing Academy
  • Texas Women’s University, Houston TX, US/ Midwifery Education
  • Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston TX, US/Nursing Management
  • University of Iowa,UK
  • Duke university university & Advanced Nursing Journal
  • German Hannover Medical School /specialised nursing practitioner education
  • Curtin University (Professor Michelle Kelly), Australia



  • Natural science foundation projects of guangdong province, Construction of the maternal and child home early warning systems and mechanism research based on cloud computing platform, 2017-2020,100 ,000RMB. 100%.
  • One of Principal-researcher: Sino-German Educational Expert Team of Specialty Nurses Training.Funded Shenzhen government. 2017-2020, 10,000 ,000RMB. 100%.
  • Co-Investigator: A comparison of the prevalence and risk factors for stress urinary incontinence between Chinese and American women. Funded Texas Children’ s Hospital. Protocol Number: H-38062. June 2016.
  • Principal-Investigator: The establishment of Maternal LUTS prediction model & anatomic deficits and factors analysis, Southern medical university, Q2016008, 2016.5—2018.5, 3 ,000RMB. 100%.
  • Principal-Investigator: Midwife outpatient service- based on mixed design methodology (PI),  Funded Guangzhou health bureau, 20131A011158, 2013-2015, 30 ,000RMB. 100%.
  • Principal-Investigator: Non-invasive prenatal screening project (PI), Guangdong Province of Science and Technology bureau, 2013-2015, 50 000RMB.
  • Co-Investigator: Aromatherapy touch therapy for pregnant women , Guangdong province bureau of traditional Chinese medicine, 20132200, 2013-2015.
  • Co-Investigator: Balanced score card (BSC) application in nursing management, Beijing scientific research funds, 2010-2012, 10 000RMB.
  • Graduate student Scholarship, Liaoning Medical University, Jinzhou, China . cluster strategy and Catheter-related bloodstream infections in patients, 2009-2011.


  • 2015 - Global Care Centre (Central of Global nursing scholarship project, CGNS)
  • 2002 –Chinese Nursing Association,China
  • 2013- Midwifery Sub-Association of CMCHA
  • 2013- China Maternal and Child Health Association(CMCHA)
  • 2016 - Nursing and midwifery profession construction committee member



  • International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Editorial Board


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