Doris Y P Leung

Assistant Professor

Dr. Doris Leung now is an Assistant professor at the Netherosle School of Nursing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She got hers B Sc in and MPhil in Statistics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and PhD in Biostatistics at University of California, Los Angeles. Her main interests are in educational and health psychology and scale validation. She has co-authored more than 120 papers/abstracts published in peer-reviewed journals and generated over 150 conference abstracts. She also served on editorial board and invited reviewers in several international journals. Her current research programs include cancer prevention, palliative care and teaching and learning in higher education.

Current Research

  • Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • Caregiving and palliative care
  • Sleep self-efficacy

Interested topics

  • Health promotion
  • Supportive and palliative care
  • Medication adherence
  • Smoking prevention and cessation


  • 2016 - Best Paper Award, 6th Asian Preventive Cardiology & Cardiac Rehabilitation Conference Cum 10th Certificate Course in Cardiac Rehabilitation.
  • 2013 - Best Poster Award, The 20th IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics.
  • 2011 - Outstanding Paper Presentation, The 8th World Congress on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities and Asian Ageing Development Conference.
  • 2010 - Outstanding Paper Presentation, The 18th Annual Congress of Gerontology, Hong Kong Association of Gerontology.
  • 2008 - Best Oral Presentation, The 5th Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference.

International collaborations

  • Brunel University, United Kingdom
  • University of Southern California, USA
  • University of Newcastle, Australia
  • The Fifth Affiliated (Zhuhai) Hospital of Zunyi Medical University, Zhuhai, China


  • Development of generic capabilities in teaching and learning environment at associate degree level, in Khine ME. Application of Structural Equation Modeling in Educational Research and Practice. Sense Publishers.
  • Validation and modification of the Chinese version of the Smoking Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (CSEQ-12) in a sample of community-dwelling Chinese smokers in Hong Kong, in Britner SL, Self-Efficacy in School and Community Settings. Nova Science Publishers.
  • Building capacity in smoking cessation counseling among health care professionals in China, in Muto T, Nakahara T, and Nam EW, Asian Perspectives and Evidence on Health Promotion and Education. Springer.
  • Comparing the effect on the development of graduate capabilities of the differing teaching and learning environments in three discipline areas, in Teo T and Khine MS, Structural equation modeling: Concepts and applications in educational research. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.
  • Development of a questionnaire for assessing students’ perception of teaching and learning environment, In Hudson T, Abramson M, Acland T, Braham J, Hill M, Lines A, Mclinden M, Saunders D and Storan J, Towards a global understanding of lifelong learning: Making a difference. London: Forum for Access and Continuing Education.
  • Evaluation of the part-time student experience. Hong Kong: Open University of Hong Kong.

Conference Organization

  • Organizing Committee, Global Conference on Nursing and Healthcare (Global Nursing-2016), Las Vegas, USA, 2016.
  • Programme Committee, the 4th Annual Worldwide Nursing Conference (WNC 2016), Singapore, 2016.
  • Organization Committee, the Sixth Pan-Pacific Nursing Conference and First Colloquium on Chronic Illness Care: Achieving Transformational and Sustainable Development in Health and Social Care, Hong Kong, 2016.
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