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IJNP 2018 Will Focus on "Unity in the diversity of nursing in leading and advancing global health for Innovations and current challenges". This offers a forum to network and interact with other healthcare professionals, earn credits and stay updated on the hottest advancements in the field. Our database lists national and international conferences, opportunities, speakers and events to customize your experience at the conference as per your preferences and interests.

The International journal of nursing Education and palliative science aim to share information and skill of nursing, midwifery and healthcare personnel all over the world and to influence and inspire students and professionals to work for social care needs of their respective communities.





Rajesh Kumar Sharma

Associate Professor

  • Editorial Member & Reviewer:-
  • Editor-in-Chief, Global Nursing Journal of India. Offline version published by Global Foundation of Nursing Foundation for Social Services, Rajasthan.
  • Editorial Board Member in International Journals of Primary health care: open access of OMICS International.
  • Editorial Board Member in Integrative Journal of Global health.
  • Article Reviewer in International Journals of Nursing & Health Sciences of OMICS International.
  • Article Reviewer in International Journal of Medicine & Public Health.
  • Editorial Board Member of Indian Journal of Advances in Nursing Sciences. (Offline Journal by Kumar Publishing House, New Delhi.)
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  • Book Publication:-
  • Clinical Record Book for Medical Surgical Nursing for 3rd Year B.Sc. Nursing, Published by JAYPEE Publication, New Delhi
  • Clinical Record Book for Medical Surgical Nursing for 2nd  Year B.Sc. Nursing, Published by JAYPEE Publication, New Delhi