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Farhan Alshammari


Dr. Farhan Alshammari is the current Dean of the College of Nursing, University of Hail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is also the present Chairman of the Committee of Deans of the College of Nursing at Saudi Universities, Director of National Leadership Program and a member of Saudi Nursing Licensure Examination Committee. As a leader and researcher himself, he believes the research is useless if not to institute change or improvement. As such, he instituted innovation in education through research evidence-based. He is also a publisher, most sought speaker in nursing education, a journal editor and mainstay reviewer of leading publishing company internationally.

Interested topics

  • Leadership and Management
  • Clinical Simulation
  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Health Education
  • Curriculum Development
  • Patients Safety

Current Research

  • Perceived Benefits of Simulation-based Training among Bachelor of Science in Nursing Students of University of Hail enrolled in Critical Care Nursing Practice.
  • Patient Safety: Raising the Bar of Safety Awareness and Patient Outcomes.
  • Nursing Students’ Health Beliefs on Middle East Respiratory syndrome-Corona Virus(MERS-COV). A Self-Reported Study.
  • Propensity of Malpractice by Nurses of Different Hospitals in Hail, KSA.
  • Cultural competence among Indian and Filipino student nurses: A cross-sectional comparative study".   
  • Preferred Learning Styles and Teaching Styles at University of Hail College of Nursing.
  • Sustainable Development in Health Care: A Comparative Study of Baccalaureate Nursing Students' Attitudes in Four Arab Countries.
  • The Correlates of Social Determinants to Ethico-Moral Values on Professional Development of Saudi Nursing Students.
  • Patient Safety: Assess Internship Nurses' Compliance at Hemodialysis unit.
  • Nursing students’ attitudes toward climate change and sustainability and their inclusion in the nursing curriculum in four Arab countries.
  • Psychometric evaluation of the Health Professional Education in Patient Safety Survey Arabic version for Saudi nursing students.
  • Psychometric evaluation of the Leading a Culture of Quality in Infection Prevention Arabic version for Saudi nursing students.    
  • Compliance with standard precautions among Saudi nursing students: a multi-site, cross-sectional study.
  • Patient safety competence among Saudi nursing students: a self-report study.      
  • Influence of training hospitals' infection prevention climate on nursing students' compliance with Standard Precautions and patient safety competence.


  • 2017 - 1st International Nursing Education Practice and Research Conference Panel of Experts
  • 2017 - Chairman, Committee of Deans of College of Nursing at Saudi Universities
  • 2017 - Committee Chair, Fundamentals of Nursing- Saudi Nursing Licensure Examination
  • 2017 – Program Chair, AHPGS Programmatic Accreditation (United Kingdom Accreditation Body)
  • 2017 – Program Chair, ASIC Institutional Accreditation (German Accreditation Body)


  • American Heart Association
  • Saudi Medical Licensing Exam Committee
  • Nursing College Dean's Committee of Saudi Universities
  • Saudi Simulation Society
  • Saudi Nursing Licensure Examination

International collaborations

  • 1st International Nursing Education Practice and Research Conference, Philippines
  • University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City, Philippines


  • Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Nursing Journals External Reviewer
  • ELSEVIER – Nurse Education Today External Reviewer
  • Journal of Behavior Therapy and Mental Health – Editor
  • Jurnal Ners – Editor
  • Nursing Research Open Access Journal – Associate Editor

Conference Organization

  • Organizing Committee, 1st International Nursing Education Practice and Research Conference 2017 Baguio City Philippines
  • Leadership Improvement Program for Nursing, Saudi Arabia