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Antonio M Esquinas

Director International School of Non-invasive mechanical Ventilation

Critcal Respiratory Care, difficult weaning, prolonged mechanical ventilation; non invasive mecchanical ventilation, hospital health organization, sleep medicine in critically, humidification, prehospital non invasive ventilation, COPD, asthma; nasal high flow therapy; extubation failure


 Nov 2015 Award: Lung India awards in the category of the best letter to editor.

Jan 2006 Award: 2006-January. Extraordinary Award in Medicine for the Best Doctoral Thesis Dec 2005 Award: 2005. Doctor in Medicine and Surgery with European appointment to the Thesis and outstanding Cum LAUDE to the Thesis. Non-invasive Mechanical Ventilation in acute hypoxemic respiratory failure.
University of Murcia. School of Medicine.

 May 2001 Award: 1st Prize
Non invasive mechanical ventilation: CPAP project. A clinical study of
efficacy of CPAP in Emergency and Intensive Care Unit. International Meeting of Non invasiveMay 2001 Award: 1st. First prize

Mechanical Ventilation in Emergency. October 2003. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Spain
:Non invasive mechanical ventilation in acute hypoxemic respiratory failure. Randomizated controlled multicenter study .May 2001 Award: 1st Prize

May. 2001. National Congress of the Spanish Society of Intensive Medicine and Coronary Units. The Gran Canarian palms. May 2001
:Non invasive mechanical ventilation in acute respiratory insufficiency. Catalan Society of Intensive Medicine. May 2001. Barcelona. Spain

May 1999 Award: plication of nitric oxide in patients with hypoxemic acute respiratory failure. Anesthesiology and Rianimazione Department. Universita la Sapienza. Rome Italy Jun 1997 Award: 1st Prize Non-invasive mechanical ventilation in post-extubation respiratory insufficiency. Galaico-Asturian-Portuguese Congress of Intensive Care. June. 1997. Viana Du Castello. Portugal

 May 1994 Grant: 2. PEEP optimal
in Acute Respiratory Insufficiency. A new approach National Congress of the Spanish Society of Intensive Medicine and Coronary Units. La Coruña 1994 


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