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Bruno Azambre


Bruno Azambre is 45 years old and is Associate Professor (Hab.) at University of Lorraine – Institut Jean Barriol (France). After of a PhD thesis in Metz devoted to the catalytic/sorption properties of functionalized carbons (2000), he worked as post-doc at University of Reading (UK) on inorganic nanotubes. When in 2003 he became a permanent lecturer, he examined the reactivity of pollutants with sorbents/catalysts in numerous fields such as automotive depollution (cold-start, soot oxidation, NOx-SCR, NOx-traps….), AOP’s (photocatalysis, Fenton’s reaction) , nuclear safety (capture of iodine and RuO4…) and others. His works are devoted to the design, surface characterization, testing of reactive materials (zeolites, rare-earth oxides, functionalized carbons, mesoporous materials) and the elucidation of complex mechanisms by in situ/operando spectroscopies. He is co-author of about 60 publications and 100 communications and has been member of many european research networks.

Current Research

  • Design, synthesis, characterization and reactivity of nanostructured materials (functionalized mesostructured silicas, silver zeolites, MOFs….) for iodine capture (nuclear application)
  • Supported catalysts and sorbents for the abatement of unburnt hydrocarbons, NOx and soot
  • Cerium-based catalysts for removal of pollutants in wastewaters (Fenton reaction)

Interested topics

  • Nanoporous materials (zeolites, mesostructured silicas and carbons, inorganic nanotubes)
  • Environmental catalysis
  • Reaction mechanisms by in situ IR spectroscopy

International collaborations

Collaborations with Renault SA, Ademe, GdF-Suez, University of Alicante (Spain), IST Lisbon (Portugal), Universities of Wroclaw, Torun, Gliwice, Warsaw (Poland), Universités de Paris VI, Mulhouse, Poitiers in the frame of International Research Groups on « Catalysis for Environment : depollution, renewable energy and clean fuels » (2006-2010) then“ Catalysis for polluting emissions aftertreatment and production of renewable energies ” (2011-2014).

Collaborations with IRSN and University of Lille (France) within the EU project Passam (2013-2017) and French ANR Mire (2013-2019)

Conference Organization

Member of organization committee of« PASSAM Final Workshop on source termmitigation of severe accidents » (Paris- 28/02- 01/03/2017).

Member of scientific committee - 2nd international conference on Catalysis, Chemical Engineering and Technology (Rome, Sept. 2018).

Member of Organization committee « Catalysisin Lorraine » (Nancy, 23/11/2017).

Owner of research grants : UE project Eureka “stationocat” (ADEME, 2005-2008), UE project Passam (2013-2017),French ANR Mire (I-2013-2019, II-2019-2021)

2012-2017, member of editorial boards:Journal of CatalystsandJournal of Ceramics (Hindawi Publishing Corporation).