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Farid Dorkoosh

Faculty of Pharmacy

Farid A. Dorkoosh received his Pharm.D. from Tehran Azad University in Iran and then was awarded his Ph.D. in pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics from Leiden University in the Netherlands in 2002. He followed an international training on intellectual property and management of innovation at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2005. He also received his diploma in management from Chartered Management Institute of London, United Kingdom, in 2009. He is currently a professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He serves in the pharmaceutics group and medical biomaterial research center in the Faculty of Pharmacy. His solid scientific and technical knowledge with respect to developing new business activities is well recognized internationally; he focuses on enhancing high-throughput research activities for developing novel drug delivery systems. He has more than 80 research articles and ten patents and patent applications. His current research areas are novel drug delivery systems, gene and peptide and protein delivery, biopolymers and biomaterial application in drug delivery and nanotechnology.

He was honored to receive the 2017 outstanding manuscript award on his article published at AAPS PharmSciTech from American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (San Diego, U.S.A.). He also received the 2001 CRS/Capsugel graduate award for outstanding research in peroral peptide drug delivery from the CRS Young Investigator Award Committee in San Diego, CA, U.S.A., in June 2001. He has also received the Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Delivery graduate award from the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists for outstanding Ph.D. research in peroral peptide drug delivery (Toronto, Canada, 2002). He was a member of the CRS Education Committee from 2004 to 2008 and was chairman of this committee in 2008. He became chairman of the CRS Young Scientist Committee in 2009. He is currently the board member of Controlled Release Society of Iran and also Nanomedicine Society of Iran.


Current Research

  • Nanoparticulate delivery for anticancer medicines
  • Novel implantable ocular delivery system
  • Gene delivery to mitochondrial targeting

Interested topics

  • Development, formulation and designing novel drug delivery systems
  • Nanotechnology
  • Peptide & Gene delivery
  • Biotechnology of peptides and natural products
  • Formulation of pharmaceutical dosage forms



  • AAPS outstanding manuscript award (2017)

The recipient of the best paper award for the article published in AAPS PharmaSciTech entitled: Development of Acid‐Resistant Alginate/Trimethyl ChitosanNanoparticles Containing Cationic beta‐Cyclodextrin Polymers for Insulin Oral Delivery (AAPS; San Diego, USA 2017)


  • AAPS graduate award (2002)

Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Delivery (PT/DD) graduate award dedicated by American Association of Pharmaceutical scientists for outstanding Ph.D. research in peroral peptide drug delivery (AAPS; Toronto, Canada 2002).


  • CRS-Capsugel Graduate/Postdoc Award(2001)

for outstanding graduate research dedicated by the Young Investigator Awards Committee of the Controlled Release Society (The 28th international symposium on Controlled Release of Bioactive Materials; San Diego, USA 2001).

2011-present        Board Member of Nanomedicine Society of Iran

2011-2016            Research Board Member of the virtual institute of medical biotechnology

2010-present        Board Member of Controlled Release Society of Iran

2009-2010            Webcast committee member at CRS, USA

2007-2009            Head of education committee at CRS, USA

2003-2009            Member of the education committee at CRS, USA

2003-2007            Member of award committee for the 3M-graduate award

2001-2004            Member, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)

1998-present        Member, Controlled Release Society (CRS)

1995-present        Member of Iranian Ministry of health organization

1993-present        Member of Iranian Pharmaceutical Association

2016-present     Associate Regional Editor of Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, UK

2012-2017            Editor in Chief of Journal of Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical Management, Iran

2012-present     Editorial Board Member of Journal of Research in Pharmacy Practice, Iran

2010- present    Editorial Board Member of Drug Delivery Letters, Germany

2010-2015            Editorial Board Member of Drug Delivery and Translational Research, USA

2007-present     Editorial Board Member of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Iran