International journal of Nano Scientific Networks and Nanotechnology (IJNN) is a multidisciplinary, peer reviewed journal which includes all the major fields in nanotechnology and Nano science. Nanoscience and nanotechnology brought up an unprecedented excitement in the scientific and engineering communities, especially the last decade. It is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. This covers both current work and concepts that are more advanced.  International journal of Nano Scientific Networks and Nanotechnology   publishes original research papers during a broad area of nanoscience & engineering. IJNN provides an ideal forum for presenting original reports of theoretical and experimental nanoscience and nanotechnology research. Nanotechnology is a gathering of rising innovations in which the structure of matter is controlled at the nanometer scale, the size of little quantities of molecules, to create novel materials and gadgets that have valuable and one of kind properties. IJNN is naturally multidisciplinary, and welcomes submissions across biological, physical, engineering, and computer sciences. Contributions from both academia and industry are equally encouraged. IJNN also publishes innovative techniques and instrumentation for the fabrication, characterization and testing of nano-enabled devices and technologies, as well as advanced modelling and simulation methods.




FirasK MohamadAlosfur

Research Assistant

  • 2010-2014 Nanotechnology . UniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).
  • 2007-2009        M.Sc. in Optics. Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).
  • 1993-1998        B.Sc. in Physics. University of Baghdad.
  • Nano-structured materials and nano-technology.
  • Synthesis materials in powder and thin films form.
  • Coating with nanomaterials.
  • Microwave.
  • Surface properties.
  • Photo-catalysts for wastewater treatment.



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