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Swee Pin Yeap


Dr. Swee Pin Yeap, 29 years old, is currently a Lecturer working at Faculty of Engineering, Technology & Built Environment, UCSI University. He received hisBachelor and Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering in 2011 and in 2016, respectively. During his PhD period, he has focused his research on the role of electrosteric stabilization on cooperative magnetophoresis of magnetic nanoparticles.Upon graduation, he started his career as lecturer in UCSI University and is currently in his two years of serving. Along with his research journey, he has involved in publication of 18high impact journals. Also, he has authored two book chapters, which focusing on the usage of Dynamic Light Scattering for nano-characterization, as well as the role of low gradient magnetic separation in biomedical applications. Currently, hisresearch activities are mainly centered on (i) the strategy to improve magnetic sedimentation of highly-stabilized magnetic nanoparticles, (ii) the fate and transportability of nanoparticles in environment, (iii) colloidal stability and the effect of particle interfacial interaction, and (iv) synthesis and characterization of nanoconducting polymer. He owned two research funds as Project Leader at this moment and being a member for the American Chemistry Society-Malaysia Chapter.

Current Research

  • Rapid Magnetic Sedimentation of Highly-Stabilized Magnetic Nanoparticles.
  • Fate of Nanoparticles in Environmental-Relevant Media.
  • Colloidal Stability and Interfacial Interaction of Nanopaticles.
  • Electrical Conductivity of Conducting Nanosheet.

Interested topics

  • Magnetic, Magnetism, and Magnetophoresis.
  • Colloid and Interface Science.
  • Environmental Nanoremediation.
  • Nanoconducting Polymer and Their Electrical Characterization.


  • Best New Lecturer Award (2016) by UCSI University
  • SanggarSanjung Award (2012 and 2014) for Excellent Achievement in Category of Journal Publication, SM.
  • Gold Medal (2011) in World Invention Awards of British Invention Show, British Inventors Society, Old Spitalfields Market E1, London, England.


  • Associate Editor for Progress in Energy and Environment, Academia Baru.

Conference Organization

  • Presenter.” 28th Regional Symposium Malaysia Analytical Sciences 2015 (17th - 20th August), Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
  • Presenter.” 7th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies 2013 (30th June – 05th July), Suntec, Singapore.
  • Presenter,2nd Postgraduate Colloquium for Environment Research 2013 (28th – 29th June), Pahang, Malaysia.
  • Committee Member & Presenter, International Conference on Environment 2012 (11th – 13th December), Penang, Malaysia. 
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