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Huaiyuan WANG


Dr. Huaiyuan Wang, 40 years old, is a chemical scientistworking at State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering and Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemical Science and Engineering of Tianjin University. He received his Master and Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering and Technology in 2007. During his PhD period, he has focused his research on the tribology ofdynamic seal composites. Then he joined the laboratory forpetroleum and natural gas chemical research as a teacher in 2008. From 2012 to 2013, he worked as a visiting scholar in Centre for Advanced Materials Technology of Sydney University.

Until now, he has in charged of more than 20 National and Provincial level scientific research projects, including "national special support plan", 4 times of National Natural Science Funds, the outstanding youth science foundation. The monograph editor / 2 professional books, applied for 23 invention patents, including 2 PCT, he has published more than 150 papers, including over 100 SCI papers, some published in ACS ami, JMCA, AICHE J., Carbon, CEJ, JCIS, IECR, MSEA, Wear and other international publications.

Frequent referee services for more than 40 international Journals reviewer, such ACS ami, Carbon, CEJ, JMCA., Appl. Surf. Sci. etc. He has 11 times international conference invited/Oral reports, once host an international conference, and 3 times host the venues.

Current Research

  • Advanced Biomimetic materials and Bionic engineering (Superhydrophobic, Superamphiphobic´╝îamphiphobic, self-healing coating, etc.).
  • Drag reduction and wear-resistance, and energy saving technology for oil and gas pipelines.
  • Polymer based functional coatings and membranes.

Interested topics

  • Surface and interface strengthening;
  • Corrosion, anticorrosion and antifouling of Chemical and Petroleum equipments;
  • Sweating polymers and their composite materials;
  • Microcapsules and its functional composites and coatings;
  • The national talents project for national candidates;
  • The national young experts with outstanding contributions ;
  • The national young talents, distinguished " Longjiang scholar";
  • A distinguished author of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation;
  • National Technology Invention Award;

          University of Sydney visiting scholar supported by China government

International collaborations

  • Prof. Lin Ye (Centre for Advanced Materials Technology, School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering,Sydney, The University of Sydney)
  • Prof. Yijun Shi (Division of Machine Elements, Luleå University of Technology, SE97187, Luleå, Sweden )
  • Prof.Homero Castaneda-Lopez (National Corrosion and Materials Reliability Cente, College Station, Texas A&M University


  • World Journal of Engineering and Technology,  Editorial Board Member.
  • Journal of Nanoscience with Advanced Technology,Editorial Board Member.

Conference Organization

  • Chair of the“Workshop on Corrosion And Material Reliability In Sino-American Petrochemical Industry-2018”, China 2018.
  • Chair of the“International Conference on Advances in Energy Resources and Environment Engineering-2015 ”, China 2018.