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The Journals reports principally the achievements of materials science and engineering all over the world, putting the stress on the original research papers, review articles invited by editor, letters, research notes with novelty as well as brief of scientific achievement, covering a broad spectrum of materials science and technology, encompassing:

• metallic materials 
• inorganic nonmetallic materials 
• composite materials




Tian Mingwei

Associate Professor

Dr. Tian Mingwei, 31 years old,he received a Ph. D. degree from Donghua University - University of California, Davis. He is currently the assistant dean, associate professor and master's supervisor of the College of Textiles and Clothing, Qingdao University, and director of the Institute of Advanced Fiber Materials and Applied Research. He was selected as a distinguished professor of Qingdao University, and he was a peer reviewer of Carbon, T.R.J. and other international journals.

He has presided over scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Science Foundation of China, the Shandong Natural Science Foundation, the Qingdao Science and Technology Project and the Post-doctoral Application Foundation, and participated in many horizontal and vertical research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation and the Qingdao Science and Technology Development Plan. More than 60 academic papers have been published, of which SCI has collected more than 30 and authorized 18 invention patents. He has won the 11th Qingdao Youth Science and Technology Award and the third prize of Qingdao Technological Invention.

Current Research

  • Graphene composite fibers and functional fabrics
  • Conductive fibers and smart textiles

Interested topics

  • Graphene, CNTs composite fibers
  • Textile-based flexible fabric sensors
  • Advanced functional nanocomposite textiles
  • Prof. Ning Pan (Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department,University of California, Davis, Cal., USA)
  • Smart textile and wearable devices