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Marco Malagodi


Graduated in Chemistry, he is currently researcher at University of Pavia (Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage). His main research is focused on the material study of historical musical instruments, especially bowed stringed ones. He is teacher in the “Physics methods for chemistry of restoration” course at Department of Chemistry. Since 2013, he is the Technical Head of the Arvedi Laboratory of non-invasive Diagnostics and a member of the Scientific Committee of the Museum of the Violin in Cremona. He published numerous international research papers in the conservation field of the musical instruments, with particular interest in the study of the varnishes and wood treatments.

Current Research

  • Spectroscopic analysis by mid and near-infrared reflection mode
  • Characterization of colorants and pigments in artworks
  • Nanomaterials for consolidation of Cultural Heritage

Interested topics

  • Spectroscopic techniques for Non Invasive studies of artworks
  • Natural polymers chemically modified

International collaborations

  • Dr. Adriana Rizzo (Scientific Research Deapartment, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY 10028)
  • Non Invasive diagnostics on artworks and ancient musical instruments
  • Prof. Maurizio Licchelli (Department of Chemistry, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy)
  • Analysis of polymers for Cultural Heritage
  • Prof. Monica Gulmini (Department of Chemistry, University of Torino, Torino, Italy)
  • Chemical characterization of colorants and pigments



  • Guest editor for Coatings, Special Issue “'Varnishes and surface treatments of historical wooden artworks”

Conference Organization

  • Chair special session “Advanced Technologies for Cultural Heritage”, 17th International Conference on Environment Congress, IEEE,Milan Italy 2017
  • Scientific coordinator of the International Workshop "Matter and Sound, Science and Violin Making", University of Pavia, Italy 2015
  • Member of the “The BIOBRUSH project for bioremediation of heritage stone", Heritage, Microbiology and Science. Microbes, Monuments and Maritime Materials, Cambridge England 2008