The Journal of Materials Science publishes reviews, full-length papers, and short Communications recording original research results on, or techniques for studying the relationship between structure, properties, and uses of materials. The subjects are seen from international and interdisciplinary perspectives covering areas including metals, ceramics, glasses, polymers, electrical materials, composite materials, fibers, nanostructured materials, nanocomposites, and biological and biomedical materials. The Journal of Materials Science is now firmly established as the leading source of primary communication for scientists investigating the structure and properties of all engineering materials

The Journals reports principally the achievements of materials science and engineering all over the world, putting the stress on the original research papers, review articles invited by editor, letters, research notes with novelty as well as brief of scientific achievement, covering a broad spectrum of materials science and technology, encompassing:

• metallic materials 
• inorganic nonmetallic materials 
• composite materials




Sofiane Guessasma

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. SofianeGuessasma is a mechanical engineering scientist, a by-fellow of the Churchill college, University of Cambrige, UK. He is presently a senior scientist at INRA (France) conducting a research activity in the field of additive manufacturing of biosourced materials. He has a key interest on hot topics in mechanical engineering, processing and materials science. He has several contributions related to the microstructural interpretation of material performance, mechanical modelling, image analysis, and in-situ experiments. He published over 120 papers in different research fields.

Current Research

  • Process control using artificial neural networks
  • Process monitoring using optical sensors
  • Mechanical properties of Materials (ceramics, metals, alloys, biomaterials)
  • Materials for civil engineering
  • Identification
  • Materials design
  • Process control
  • Bioengineering applications (biomimetic materials, functionalities of biological tissues)
  • Biopolymer processing (extrusion, thermomoulding)
  • Cellular materials
  • Biopolymer scaffolds 
  • Composites, reinforced polymers 
  • Polymer injection
  • Polymer 3D printing (Fused deposition modelling, stereolithography)


Interested topics

  • Image processing
  • 3D microstructure characterisation
  • 3D printing
  • Computer science
  • Biopolymers
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Materials science
  • Process engineering & control
  • Optimisation
  • Engineering processes.

High-end foreign expert, China

By-fellow Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

  • Ingennova Research Group, CES University. Calle 10A # 22 – 04. Medellín, Colombia
  • Laboratory of Engineering Simulation & Aerospace Computing-ESAC, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 710072 XiAn, Shaanxi, China
  • b EcoleNationaled’Ingénieurs de Sfax, Laboratoires des SystèmesElectromécaniques, Route Soukra Km 3 BPW 3038, Sfax, Tunisia
  • Laboratoire de RechercheenGénie Civil de Biskra (Département de Génie Civil et d'Hydraulique, Université de Biskra, BP 145 RP, 07000, Biskra, Algérie
  • Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, TrumpingtonStreet,Cambridge CB2 1PZ, UK
  • Materials and Environment laboratory, University of Annaba, Algeria
  • Institute of Industry Technology, Guangzhou & Chinese Academy of Sciences (IIT, Z&CAS), R&D Building, Haibin Rd, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China
  • Mechanical and Metallurgical Division, Welding and NDT Research Center (CSC), BP. 64, Cheraga, Algeria

    Conference Organization

  • Second Conference on Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (JOPTI 2006) Belfort, France - May 23-24, 2006.
  • First International Conference on Multidisciplinary Design Optimization and Applications Besancon (CCI-Doubs) , France - April 17-20, 2007.
  • Second International Conference on Multidisciplinary Design Optimization and Applications Gijon, Spain - September 2-5, 2008.
  • First Joint French-Dutch Workshop on Composites Materials and Structures, April 21 - 22, TUDelft, The Netherlands, 2009
  • First Joint Chinese-Dutch Workshop on Composites Materials and Structures, April 22 - 23, TUDelft, The Netherlands, 2009
  • Biopolymer conference, december 1- 3, 2010, Domaine de Port aux Rocs, Le Croisic, France.
  • ColloqueInternational  sur Les Bio-Composites, June 14 - 15, Agadir - Mrocco 2012.
  • 4th International Conference on Multidisciplinary Design Optimization and Applications, November, 5-9 Xian, China, 2012.
  • 8th Rilem International Conference on Mechanisms of Cracking and Debonding in Pavements, June, 7-9 Nantes, France, 2016.
  • Fifth International Conference on Multidisciplinary Design Optimization and Applications Shenzhen, China – June 26-30, 2016.
  • Mini-symposium Latest trends in Additive Manufacturing, Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference 2018, MIT, Boston, May 29 – June 1, 2018

2007 – present Managing editor (2007-2010) and associate editor (2010- ) of International Journal for                  Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization IJSMDO

2016                    Guest editor Polymers (IF 3.681) Special issue: Computational Modelling and                                            Simulation in polymer

2016                    Lead editor of International Journal of Polymer Science (IF 1.000) Special issue:                                        Current Trends in Polymer Additive Manufacturing: Optimal Design and Use of                                          Advanced Polymers

2017                    Member of the editorial board - The Open Mechanical Engineering Journal                                      

2017                    Guest editor Rapid Prototyping Journal  (IF 2.4) Special issue: Topology optimisation                                 in additive manufacturing

2018                    Guest editor of the journal Symmetry (IF 1.256) Special issue: Multiscale Structuring                                   for Biomimetics and Functional Properties,