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Hooman Ansari


Dr. Hooman Ansari, 28 years old, is a researcher at University at Buffalo. He received his Master and Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2017 and in 2018, respectively. He joined the Intelligent Dynamic Energy And Sensing Systems (IDEAS) Labat University at Buffalo in 2013. His research interests include the application of smart materials in energy harvesting and wave propagation.During his PhD period, he worked on piezoelectric energy harvesting for biomedical devices and specifically for pacemakers. Moreover, he has worked on small-scale energy harvesters, utilizing metamaterials in one-way sound wave filters, and exploiting nonlinearity in energy harvesting.

More recently, he has started working on Terfenol-D materials and Linear Indication Motors to develop a physical configuration to achieve nonreciprocal wave propagation behavior in practice.

Current Research

  • Smart materials and structures
  • Piezoelectric energy harvesting
  • Energy harvesting for implantable biomedical devices
  • Linear and nonlinear energy harvesters
  • Nonreciprocal wave propagation using metamaterials

Interested topics

  • Piezoelectric energy harvesting
  • Metamaterials
  • Vibration
  • Teaching Fellow award at University at Buffalo                           
  • School of Management eLab program fellowship award
  • 3rd place prizewinner in 3-Minute Thesis (3MT) competition         
  • Harold O. Wolf Achievement Award                                    
  • Student ambassador award                       
  • Invited speaker at UB science and engineering career fair
  • New York State Professional Development (GSEU) Award      
  • 2nd place in UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences poster completion       
  • First place prizewinner MAE poster competition                                                       
  • Panasci entrepreneurship competition semifinalist               
  • 3rd place winner of Elevator Pitch (Autonomous Pacemaker)
  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) travel support award
  •  Full Scholarship, University at Buffalo, Mechanical Eng. Department