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Dr. Daiva Mikucioniene, 49 years old, is a professor working at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design, Kaunas University of Technology. She received her Master degree in Technological Sciences in 1993 and Ph.D. degree in Materials Engineering in 1998. During her PhD period, she has focused her research on the functional and mechanical properties of knitted fabrics. Since 2007, she has focused her research on functional properties (antimicrobial, flame retardant, compression) of textile, sustainable fibrous-based composites and nanofibrous web formation by electrospinning and investigation.

D. Mikucioniene has more than 20 years’ academic experience, has been supervisor of 4 PhD graduates, current supervisor of 3 PhD students. Author and co-author of 31 publications in journals from the list of ClarivateAnalytics Web of Science. Author and co-author of 10 handbooks for students.Since 2017, she has been being Member of KTU Materials Science PhD studies committee.

D. Mikucioniene has been the coordinator of the international scientific project“Development of Peat Fiber Based Textiles with Enhanced Flame Retardancy” (2016) and is currently the coordinator of the scientific project “Smart Orthopaedic Supports to Encourage Activity of Elderly People” (2017-2019) of the interdisciplinary research group, dedicated to compression properties and thermal activation (using energy generation by motion) of compression orthopedic supports; coordinator of the R&D projects„Investigation and development of multifunctional protective knitted structures with enhanced flame retardancy, antistatic and antimicrobial properties”(2017-2018)” and “Development of knitted structures of compression supports for treatment of burn scars” (2017-2018).

Current Research

  • Flame retardancy of cellulose-based fibrous materials
  • Antimicrobial and compression properties of textile
  • Sustainable fibrous-based composites
  • Electrospinning, Nanofibrous web formation and testing

Interested topics

  • Functional properties of textile
  • Sustainable fibrous-based composites
  • Electrospinning

In 2014, honour award „Gold Spindle“of Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association (LATIA) for “merits of developing of Lithuanian apparel and textile industry”.

  • Dr.SabyasachiGaan (Empa,St.Gallen, Switzerland) Flame retardants for cellulose-based fibrous materials
  • Prof.Juris Blums (Technical Physics Institute, Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia) Energy generation by motion
  • Chair of the of E-MRS conference (2014 Fall Meeting) Symposium M "Functional Textile - from scientific research and development innovations and industrial uptake" section "Functional Textile",Warsaw 2014
  • Member of Scientific Committee of International conference Autex’2013, Dresden 2013