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Fouad Erchiqui


Pr. Erchiqui F. A physicist by training, he holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from Laval University and experience in the Industrial Materials Institute-National Research Council of Canada (NRC). The activities of Pr. Erchiqui focus on the design and manufacture of biocomposites products (plasturgy), based on vegetable fibers and thermoplastic. The processes involved in Erchiqui's activities are thermoforming and extrusion blow molding. To this end, several grants supported his research. Since taking up his position as Professor at UQAT in 2000, he has demonstrated a level of excellence in research, an exceptional spirit of collaboration and initiative in the development of niches of excellence. He has also co-organized symposiums and conferences. He has acted as an expert for national and international  organizations (Industrial Research Assistance Program, Research and Innovation Consortium in Metallic Transformation (CRTEM), National Centre for Scientific and Technical Research of Morocco (CNRST), etc.), project evaluators (French National Research Agency (ARN), The Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologies (FRQNT),  The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, etc.), visiting professors (USA, France, Morocco). Note that, in the case of thermoforming, Pr. Erchiqui is the fifth author cited according to SCOPUS (Elsevier editor database).

Current Research

  • Fabrication and characterization of thermoplastic compositesbased on lignocellulosic fillers
  • Rheological and dielectric properties of biocomposites
  • Thermoformability of industrial biocomposites materials
  • Modeling and optimization in thermoforming and extrusion-blow molding

Interested topics

  • Biocompositesbased on nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) and nanofibrillated cellulose (NFC)
  • Viscoelastic properties ofbiocomposites in large deformation
  • Thermoforming, Injection and extrusion-blowmolding ofbiocomposites

International collaborations

  • Prof. SOULIM., Director of GDR CNRS 2902 (Fluid-Structure interaction/Information and Engineering Sciences and Technologies),University of Lille, Lille (French)
  • Prof. KADDAMI H. Laboratory of Organometallic and Macromolecular Chemistry - Composites Materials, Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Marrakech (Morocco)
  • Prof.Farzaneh M.International Research Center on Icing and Power Network Engineering, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada.

Conference Organization

  • Symposium 202 - valorisation des résidus industriels à grand volume dans les régions: impacts et opportunités. 86e Congrès de l’ACFAS, 10 et 11 mai 2018, UQAC, Chicoutimi, (Canada).
  • Symposium 210 - Stratégies de valorisation des résidus industriels solides pour un développement durable. 85ème congrès de l’ACFAS, 10 et 11 mai 2017, McGillUniversity, Montréal (Canada)
  • Conference on SPH and Particular Methods for Fluids and FluidStructure Interaction. 21-22 Janvier 2015, Université de Lille, Lille (French).
  • International Conference on Biobased Materials and Composites – ICBM’2014, ÉcolePolytechnique de Montréal, Montreal (Canada).
  • International Conference on Biobased Materials and Composites – ICBMC’2012, Université Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech (Morocco)