Professor and Head Virology





Center for Biotechnology, Dept. of Biochemistry, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London, London, SW7 2AZ, UK.



Molecular Biology  [Transposable element, Tn7 and bacteriophage M13]

Department of Stomatology/Microbiology

University of California San-Francisco (UCSF), CA, Joint project with Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 94813 USA

Post-doctoral Fellow


Virology [human herpes viruses (HSV-1 & HCMV)]

Department of Microbiology

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (UCHSC), Denver, CO, 80262 USA.

Senior Post –doctoral Fellow


Virology (Hepatitis B Virus, yeast Ty-1 element)

  1. 1984-1988    :     Quaid-i-Azam Award for securing the top position in the Quaid- i-Azam university Islamabad, Pakistan (Total US $ 70,000) (Single Award)
  2. 1985-1988    :     University Grants Commission Award for overseas students, London, UK (Total US $ 80,000).
  3. 1990-1991    :     UC-California Cancer League Award, San Francisco, CA, USA (Total, US $ 25,000)
  4. 1991-1992    :     UC-California Cancer League Award, San Francisco, CA, USA (Total, US $ 23,500)
  5. 1995-1996    :     American Cancer Society -Internal Review Grant UCHSC, Denver, CO, USA (Total US $ 18,500)
  6. 1997-1998    :     Colorado League of Cancer Grant, Denver, CO, USA (Total US $ 20,000)
  7. 1999-2000    :     UCHSC Thorkelson Award (Single Award), Denver, CO, USA (Total US $ 25,000)
  8. 2000-2003    :     American Liver Foundation Herman Lopeta Memorial Award, New York, NY, USA
    (Total US $ 150,000)
  9. 2000-2005    :     NIH RO1 [PI: F. Simon, MD, (80%) & Co Investigator; I. Qadri, PhD (20%)]
    (Total US $ 1,250,000)
  10. 2004             :     AMGEN young Investigator Award on Liver transplantation,  Breckenridge, CO, (US $ 5000)
  11. 2006             :     Travel Award Snow Mass Conference on Liver diseases, CO, USA (Total US $ 3,000)
  12. 2007-2008    :     Higher Education Commission (HEC) Grant, Islamabad, Pakistan: Cloning of Hepatitis C Virus E1/E2 (Total US $ 17,000)
  13. 2008-2009    :     Pak-France Grant: Construction and Characterization of infectious Hepatitis Virus Chimera (Total US $ 70,000), in collaborations with Pasteur Institute, Lille France.   
  14. 2007-2009    :     Higher Education Commission (HEC) Grant, Islamabad, Pakistan: Development of Cellular model for Pakistani hepatitis C Virus Infection for mechanistic studies and vaccine/drug testing  (Total US $ 73,571)
  15. 2007-2009    :     Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST) and Higher Education Commission  of Pakistan, Islamabad, Pakistan: Establishment of NUST Center of Virology and Immunology (NCVI), Islamabad, Pakistan, (Total US $ 640,000)
  16. 2008-2010    :     Pak-US Science and Technology Cooperative Program: Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Management in Pakistan (Total US $ 300,500), jointly with Rockefeller University New York, NY, USA.
  17. 2009-2010    :     Higher Education Commission of Pakistan; Procurement of a high speed  centrifuge (Total US $ 12,500)
  18.  2009-2010   :     National University of Science and Technology; Islamabad, Pak  Functional  Cloning of Pakistani Dengue Virus Genome for Antiviral Testing  (Total US $ 17,000)
  19. 2009-2012    :     Using Nanotechnology to purify water from deadly viruses. Ministry of Science and Technology, Islamabad, (US $ 90,000)
  20. 2009-2010    :     Pakistan Science Foundation Islamabad: Cloning and characterization of full  length Dengue virus Genome of Pakistani origin (Total US $  24,600)
  21. 2010-2013    :     Peptide Vaccination against Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Protein (US $113,000) Higher Education Commission of Pakistan
  22. 2011-2014    :     Pak-US Science and Technology Cooperative Program: Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Pakistan (Total US $ 780,500) jointly with University of California San-Diego, CA, USA
  23. 2011             :     1st Annual Symposium Grant on  “HCV Management in Pakistan”  (US $ 5,117) Higher Education Commission of  Pakistan
  24. 2011             :     Travel Grant on Pakistan US. Science & Technology Conference (March 21-24, 2011) Dubai UAE (US $ 5,000) US National Academics, USA
  25. 2011             :     To study the immunomodulatory effect of calcitriol (1.25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, 1,25 (OH)(2)D(3)) on pro-inflammatory status of activated immune cells in Pakistani Type 1 diabetic population. PI Dr. Sheeba Murad Co-PI Dr. Ishtiaq Qadri (US $ 0.059) Higher Education Commission of  Pakistan
  26. 2011-2014    :    Development and Validation of Transgenic Virus Resistance in Nicotiana Benthamiana by expression of artificial micro RNA (amiRNA) carrying begomovirus (Tomato leaf curl New Delhi Virus) derived sequences. PI Dr. M. Tahir Co-PI Dr. Ishtiaq Qadri (US $ 68600) Higher Education Commission of  Pakistan
  27. 2011-2013    :    Structural and functional analysis of hepatitis C virus NS3/NS4A proteins: potential target for antiviral therapy. Pak-Egypt joint Grant (US $ 80,000). PI Dr. Ishtiaq Qadri and Dr. Waleed Morsey
  28. 2013-215      :    Deciphering the molecular Mechanism of Interferon resistance in HCV GT-4 infected individuals. KACST large grant (US $ 320,000) , KACST,  Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  29. 2016-2017    :    Acoustic and hybrid 3D prinitng of liver cancer stem cells (SAR 350,000) WAQF, KAU, Jeddah
  30. 2017-2018    :    To understand the mechanism o insecticide resistance in A. egypti SAR 34,500. DSR, KAU, Jeddah, KSA

peer-reviewed International publications (IMPACT FACTOR  ~380, RG -Citation 2500, Google Citation 3500 )

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