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The journal publishes important original studies, reviews, and perspectives within the major topic areas of biology of premalignancy, risk factors and risk assessment, early detection research, immunoprevention, and chemopreventive and other interventions, including the basic science behind them. This journal comprises preclinical, clinical and translational research, with special attention given to molecular discoveries and an emphasis on building a translational bridge between the basic and clinical sciences. Main focuses of interest include: systemic anticancer therapy (with specific interest on molecular targeted agents and new immune therapies), randomized trials (including negatives ones), top-level guidelines, and new fields currently emerging as key components of personalized medicine, such as molecular pathology, bioinformatics, modern statistics, and biotechnologies. Radiotherapy, surgery and pediatrics manuscripts can be considered if they display a clear interaction with one of the fields above or are paradigm-shifting.

Oncology is the diagnosis and treatment of cancers,including breast,prostate,colon,lung and ovarian cancers as well as brain tumors,leukemia,lymphoma and many other types of cancer.. A doctor who works in the field of oncology is called an oncologist. The primary regions of oncology are radiation, which is worried with radiation treatment, or radiotherapy; surgical, which is contained specialists who spend significant time in tumor evacuation; therapeutic, which manages disease drugs, including chemotherapy; and interventional, which includes interventional radiologists who have some expertise in insignificantly obtrusive picture guided tumor treatment.




Ebubekir Dirican

Assistant Doctor

Ebubekir Dirican is currently working as a Assistant  Dr. at Marmara  university, department of medical biology istanbul, Turky since February 2012. He has published 23 articles in national and international journals. He has scientific membership at EACR.

  • Cancer Biology, Cancer
  • Genotoxicity
  • Chromosomes, Genetics, Molecular Genetics,
  • Tumors, Micronucleus, Mutagenesis, Cytogenetics,
  • DNA Damage, Mutagenicity, Cytotoxicity, Genetic Toxicology,
  • Genotoxicology, In vitro Toxicology, Biomarkers,
  • Molecular Toxicology, Mutation, Cell Culture,,
  • Oxidative Stress Biomarkers, DNA, PCR, DNA Replication,
  • Gene Expression, Toxicological Analysis,
  • Comet Assay, Micronucleus Tests, Bioinformatics

1. Ebubekir Dirican: Kanserde Aspirin Kullanımının Önemi.

2. Ebubekir Dirican: Identification of PIK3CA Mutation and Expression by Bioinformatic Analysis in Breast Cancer.

3. Mustafa Akkiprik, Ebubekir Dirican, Gökçe Güllü Amuran, Ayşe Özer: Kanserde Genetik Üstü (Epigenetik) Mekanizmalar.

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