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The journal publishes important original studies, reviews, and perspectives within the major topic areas of biology of premalignancy, risk factors and risk assessment, early detection research, immunoprevention, and chemopreventive and other interventions, including the basic science behind them. This journal comprises preclinical, clinical and translational research, with special attention given to molecular discoveries and an emphasis on building a translational bridge between the basic and clinical sciences. Main focuses of interest include: systemic anticancer therapy (with specific interest on molecular targeted agents and new immune therapies), randomized trials (including negatives ones), top-level guidelines, and new fields currently emerging as key components of personalized medicine, such as molecular pathology, bioinformatics, modern statistics, and biotechnologies. Radiotherapy, surgery and pediatrics manuscripts can be considered if they display a clear interaction with one of the fields above or are paradigm-shifting.

Oncology is the diagnosis and treatment of cancers,including breast,prostate,colon,lung and ovarian cancers as well as brain tumors,leukemia,lymphoma and many other types of cancer.. A doctor who works in the field of oncology is called an oncologist. The primary regions of oncology are radiation, which is worried with radiation treatment, or radiotherapy; surgical, which is contained specialists who spend significant time in tumor evacuation; therapeutic, which manages disease drugs, including chemotherapy; and interventional, which includes interventional radiologists who have some expertise in insignificantly obtrusive picture guided tumor treatment.




Mamdouh Nassar


Professor Mamdouh Nassar was born Cairo. He graduated a bachelor’s degreefrom Biology(Zoology, Botany, Entomology) Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University. Receive his M.Sc. degree in from the same University.Ph.D degree (Channel system) between University of Maryland College Park (USA) and Cairo University. He spent many studiesfor field of sleeping sickness and Malaria diseases of vectorsStomoxys calcitransand Anopheles in USDA Florida , Jazan and Jeda. He was Professor of BiologicalSciences at Cairo University, King Abd-Alziz, Univ. Jazan, and King Khalid Universities. Mamdouh Nassar was worked for dietary Microbiology atEnvironmental system service, Beltsville, USA. He also was consultant advisor at home care Company and Al-Nasr chemicals Company, Cairo. Nassar is an energetic, motivating and consultant specializing in natural toxins from animals andPlants, corporate training programs and motivational learning techniques and biological control.He was promoted to associate professor and full professor and appointed acting director ofcommunity affairs and Environment service, at Abha and Jazan City, Saudi Arabia.

He appointed acting Dean Faculty of Science, Cairo University and appointed Vice Deanof postgraduate studies & Researches from 2013 to 2017.He is Author of 10Biological Scientific bookspublished at German Share House Lambert 2015, Introduction to invertebrates AlHandasa publisher, Jazan University, Book College of Entomology Alfagala publisher and Book of General Biology.

 He is currently colleagues, editorial board and evaluator of many specialty scientific Journal in USA, India, South Africa and Bulgaria, Saudi and Iraq. He indexed in Scopus, google scholar and Rsearchgate citation and h-index. He spent many times through project to study control of malaria diseases vectors with Collegian in Jazan and Jedah region of King Saudi Arabia. He supervised many of graduate M.Sc. and Ph.D. Thesis.Author and Editorial Board formany peer-review manuscripts, around world Scientific Publishers.Mamdouh Nassar has received several honors and awards from many Universities, Instituteand Embassies.

  • Carcinogenic effect of conventional chemicals.
  • Bee Venom and treatment of Amoebiasis.
  • New Novelchemicals and Biological activities.
  • Environmental safety and Biohazards.
  • Bioinformatics and biostatisticsfor biological sciences.
  • 1991 – Certification , Unit Head Biology, American University in Cairo, AUC
  • 1993 - Honored in the year Terrapin Book 268, Univ. of Maryland MD 20742
  • 1994 – Memberships of the American Society of Invertebrate Pathology& American Entomological Society.
  • 1995 - Award of Merit from the University of Cairo in 1995 Award of Merit from the University of Cairo in 1995
  • 1996 - Consultancy of El-Nasr Chemical Companyfor Intermediate industriesGiza–Egypt.
  • 1997 - Member of the Arab Bureau for Youth and Environment.
  • 1998 – Memberships of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology
  • 2000 – Advisory of the Biological Society of Saudi Arabia.
  • 2001 – Delegation , 2nd International Congress of Louse –Borne Pathogen
  • 2002- World Memberships in RPW,s (Red Palm Weevil) Society.
  • 2003 - Honored as chairman of the Scientific for sustainable development, Faculty of Science, King Khalid University.
  • 2005 - Honorary Community College Department of Medical Sciences, King Khalid University.
  • 2007 - Honoraryand certified Biology Department Jazan University Saudi Arabia.
  • 2009 - President Committee of quality assurance unit and accreditationCairo  University.
  • 2010 – Certified of supreme council Universities of King Abd-Alaziz City of  scientific Research.
  • 2011 - Outstanding Performance Award, Academy of Scientific Research & Technology, ASRT.
  • 2012 – Certification for promotion of Professors, King Faisal University Council
  • 2012 –Leader of basic Science sector for International Forum of Nile Basin  Countries.
  • 2013 – Acting Dean of Faculty of Science, Cairo University.
  • 2013 – 2017 Vice Dean for Postgraduate studies & Research Faculty of Science
  • 2014 – Chair delegation, International Conference of Experimental Biology, Egypt.
  • 2015 - President, Ph.D. program of Biotechnology Committee
  • 2016 – Certification, Scientific performance from Kuwait Embassy.
  • 2017 – Honorary, Embassy of Yemen
  • 2017 – Joint Commission for laboratory Safety Committee advisory.
  • Russian Dubna International Universityand Cairo University, Scholarships of Ph.D. & M.Sc. Degree, and scientific participation.
  • Medical University Lucknow, India, Dept. Biochemistry, Dr.A. A.Mahdi M.Sc.
  • International Program Office, University of Maryland College Park.
  • USDA Research Station, Florida, Gainesville, Stomoxys vector diseases.
  • SPAINBRCELONA 6th International Integrative Biology Conference.
  • King-Khaled University, Biology Department, Faculty of Science.
  • Faculty of Medical Science, Khamis-Mushitt, South West Saudi arabia.
  • French- Universities agreement, Fac. of Sci. for scientific exchanges.
  • Kyrenia CyprusEducational Research (CYICER-2018).
  • Switzerland selected project 1249“Environmental Safety”.
  • Editorial Board  of academic-journal-of-bioinformatics.
  • Editorial Board of the American Publishing Group (Biohouse Publishing Group, USA).
  • Ecologia Balkanic, International Ecological J. of the Balkanica, Bulgaria.
  • Board of ForumNile Basin Countries
  • Editorial Board of JAR, Journal (2017).
  • Board of Egypt. J. of Parasitology
  • Elsevier International magazine JOBAZ, Reviewer.
  • Entomological Society of Southern Africa, Reviewer.
  • Reviewer of the International Journal of Agricultural Research 2013 International J. Agriculture Policy and Research.
  • Board Egypt Society of Zool.
  • Editorial Board Center of Assurance and leader development, Cairo University.
  • Board of Egypt. Acad. J. Biological Science, Toxicology & Pest control.