The International Journal of Physics Scientific Networks and Astronomy is the perfect source for information on continuing researches on physics as well as the most happening worldwide researches in the field of physics.

IJPA 2019 will focus on “multidimensional Open Access gateways for the exploration of scientific discoveries and new research in the medical and other Scientific and also collaborative efforts of many scientists and scholars from various disciplines.  This offers a forum to network and interact with other scientists, earn knowledge and stay updated on the hottest advancements in the field. Our database lists about national and international conferences, opportunities, speakers and events to customize your experience at the conference as per your preferences and interests.

The international journal of physics aims to share information about researches all over the world and bring together the prominent researchers, research scholars, and academic scientists exchange and share their experiences in each and every allied concept of Physics.



The American Physiological Society Awards program demonstrates the Society's dedication to its members and biomedical research by recognizing the research efforts of outstanding APS members. As part of our mission to foster education, scientific research and dissemination of information in the physiological sciences, APS hands out more than 400 awards in the field of physiology each year totaling more than $1.2 million. Awards are offered by the Society and the various Society Sections. Download complete awards brochure. And for a different snapshot of awards available, please view our APS News Update – Awards Special Edition for 2018 Deadlines.

For questions regarding awards (including Student awards), please send an email to

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Learn From The Experts

This is the best chance to researchers /scientists/professors/speakers to learn about physics research from our journal. The International Journal of Physics provides a good platform to present our research advanced technologies, there is a scope to meet a large portion of our current customers and gives us the opportunity to see plenty of potential new members. Authors will learn how to formulate a strategy for physics research. Best opportunity to get aware in stream of physics.
This journal is to develop oneself academically Day by day in Technology views which has been updated.

Get Inspired

This is your best platform to meet your inspiring
Publishing your journals and exchange your thoughts with others make you feel better and further useful to achieve the greatest success in your researches.
Get inspired by the motivative talks by the speakers in the conference which will educate you, it improves your understanding levels.
scientist  in the conference which helps you In enhancing your thoughts and abilities.


about the company logo
about the company logo

Achieve Success

This journal platform offers you to achieve success in Physics research.
Your leadership is building our future with creativity and vision. The leader who shares experience ensures a bright future and leaves a legacy of success. Plan your thoughts, practice it with your friends, then further make it a success through interactions. This year conference will be highlighted by some fabulous presentations from Speakers.

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