Genome Houston USA 2019 Workshop guidelines

Workshop Guidelines


It is via the online submission portal that proposals should be completed electronically. In addition, facilitators must also submit a one-page request letter in Microsoft Word to Genome leadership & Committee.



As mentioned above, the following points must be included in the Workshop proposal:

  • Purpose
  • Objectives and outcomes for attendees
  • The evidence base for workshop/seminar content (where appropriate)
  •  Intended TWO-hour program to include topics that need to be covered including the potential presenters. (Note: There is no longer any need to include the use of timing for this part of the template)
  • Presenter Biographies
  • Proposed print or electronic material for delegates
  • Funding support for research or personal sponsorship of any facilitator or presenter should be stated towards the end.


Conditions of acceptance of Workshop proposals

  • Facilitators must advise in writing, about the Conference Managers’ acceptance to proceed.
  • Print material may be distributed to delegates by the facilitators prior to or after the workshop via print or electronic media. Conference Managers must receive these materials at two weeks in advance to the conference for distribution purposes. Any material received later than this time period cannot be distributed.
  • The origin of the material must be clearly indicated in all delegate material, including a contact for further information.
  • Any reproduced material must fall under normal copyright rules


Deadline for workshop proposals is 28 July 2019

Facilitators will be advised around 28 July 2019 in case of proposal acceptance. Submissions for Workshops are closed as for now.

Proposals which are innovative and creative are most sought for Workshops that are to be held during the Genome Annual Meetings & Conference. Only half-day (2 hours) sessions will be offered. 

Kindly note the Workshop session also includes afternoon tea break between 15:30 and 16:00 hours.


Workshop: - An interactive forum that consists of a smaller number of delegates, wherein specific skill development is supported.

Critical Dates:

Workshop Submission Deadline                                                     28 July 2019
Facilitator Notification                                                                      20 August 2019
Facilitator Registration Deadline                                                     31 August 2019

Workshop Submission Instructions:

Prior to preparing your proposal, kindly read through the below-listed submission instructions –

Step 1: Click on the button below to start the online submission form. Make sure you follow the Guidelines.

Step 2:  ALL the fields of online submission form must be filled.

Step 3: Once the template is downloaded, complete the disclosure form after inserting your proposed program schedule. Save this as a Microsoft Word document to your computer.

  • Also, keep a copy of the proposal submission form for the sake of records before you click the ‘upload’ button.


Requirements for Proposals Submission


  • All proposals are to be prepared as per the given guidelines. Any incomplete/incorrect submission(s) shall be returned to the facilitator, which must, in turn, be immediately resubmitted in the correct format for review and whether or not it has to be considered for inclusion in the program.
  • Only the leading facilitator must submit the proposal.
  • In order to make sure that their Workshop is included in the final Conference Program outline, a minimum of one (1) Facilitator must register for the same – 30 August 2019 is the registration deadline.
  • Unless it is a notified submission error, no other reason should cause you to resubmit your proposal. Kindly contact the Conference Managers in case you don’t receive a confirmation email along with a receipt confirming successful upload of your proposal.
  • The lead Facilitator is solely responsible to ensure correct submission of your proposal. The facilitator must check their submission after having submitted their proposal. In order to ensure accurate uploading, the document will be converted to a PDF file.
  • The Scientific and Social Program Committee or other appointed reviewers will review the proposals.
  • Proposals which are faxed or mailed via hard copies or those sent in the form of USB stick or CD will not be accepted.
  • Presenter biographies – A short biography must be provided by the facilitator about any person presenting within the Workshop. Kindly note there is a provision the online form to put down this information. The write-up may consist of a maximum of 100 words and must include demonstrated qualifications, experience and skills in the specific topic (including years of experience) and demonstrated experience in presentation or in the development and delivery of education programs.
  • Program –A proposed program must be included for the 2-hour Workshop, which also consists of the presenter names, the timing of presentation/s and areas of the topic.
  • If you are unable to submit via the website please contact the Conference Managers:
    + 1650-835-7727


It is not the responsibility of the Conference Managers if proposal submissions are not received via the website or for submission errors due to internet service outages, hardware or software delays, power outages or unforeseen events if any.

Workshop Costs & Entitlements
The workshops offered at the International conference constitute the core of the professional development program at DAA.

Rebate for Workshop Facilitation

A small incentive/rebate will be offered by Genome Houston 2019 leadership & Committees to workshop facilitators, to recognize the work that goes into session preparation and delivery. It will be a standard rebate of $150 for a workshop that lasts for a 2-3 hour duration. Other costs for workshop facilitators or presenters like flights/accommodation will NOT be covered. Workshops and may be canceled, if numbers do not meet a minimum nomination of the submitting author. Any personal sponsorship that supports their workshop is to be declared by all facilitators and presenters – e.g. if a presenter’s attendance is being supported, the Conference Managers must be informed by the lead facilitator, either at the time of proposal submission or as and when this information is available.

Workshop Evaluation Criteria

Following is the criteria used to evaluate the submissions of Workshops for Genome USA 2018:

  • Relevant to Genome and Health practice
  • Clearly states the workshop objectives
  • Indicates methodology for participants’ involvement
  • Defines the number of participants, size of room and presentation aids, like a whiteboard, projector, tables/chairs
  • Describes the relationship of proposed outcomes or recommendation to practice while suitable
  • Includes a suitable evaluation strategy
  • Demonstrates innovation, provides new data/knowledge, expands dietetic practice scope
  • States commercial and/or financial interests declare any conflict of interest


The results of Workshop review will be notified by the principal submitting author by 30 August 2018.



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