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Helics Group Privacy Policy

The collection, utilization and divulgence of “personal information” by the Helics Group conferences, journals, committees, scientific networks and leadership is described in the “Privacy Policy” of Helics Group, 12113 Inez St, Whittier CA-90605, USA; Telephone number : +1-650-835-7727; Email:; having a website The privacy policy is in accordance with the Information Network Promotion Law (last revised December 11th 2013) and established to prevent mismanagement and exploitation of personal information on the Internet. Through this privacy policy, we would like to also confirm our commitment to the user regarding the use and divulgence of the information of a personal nature collected by Helics Group. Please refer to the “Data Usage Policy” section below for more information on this commitment. Any information that can be used to recognize a member such as name, address, location, or email address is classified as personal information and the Helics Group collects such data from users who seek membership in order to deliver better services. You are accepting and approving to the practices described in this Privacy Policy by accessing as your ID.

Reason for collection and use of personal information

Information is gathered with the singular purpose of delivering services to members and to enable contact with them and this personal information shall not be misused for any other reason. The personal contact information supplied to us by the members allows us to deliver useful information to the member about topic of interest or updates about upcoming events.

Emails and Newsletters: When a member subscribes to receive our newsletter, sends us an email or requests communication about news and events; we use the personal information you provide us in order to respond. On subscribing to our newsletter, your name and address is sent to and stored by the Helics Group (

Registered Users: A user who would like to register for membership will be required to create a user account on and would have to provide personal information to create a profile and log in password using your name and email address. Providing a valid email ID is mandatory since we would send you your profile password in case you forget it and wish to retrieve it. We also store your email ID in order to contact you with interesting news and events related to Helics Group, which is part of our services offered to registered users. Any additional information that has been collected will be used strictly in accordance with the Principles of the privacy policy even if it is not explicitly mentioned here. If there are any changes to the range, purpose and use of the personal information provided to us by the member, we shall inform the members and request permission and consent before proceeding.

Array or Range of personal information required:

We would collect only the minimum amount of rational information necessary to provide the services to the member and this information shall only be retained for as long as is rationally necessary. This information would include name, occupational position, email, postal code and address. This information may be collected at various places on the website, such as:

  • When a member subscribes to our newsletters or events listing or when you email us your personal information to subscribe to our services
  • When a member provides us with his/her personal information in order to register with us and create a user account to participate in Helics Group events.

Conservation and disuse of personal information

Any information provided to us by the member as a result of the use of our website or through the website shall not be utilized for marketing or advertising, and shall not be supplied to anyone else without the consent of the member for any purpose unless required. This information will be stored and maintained by the Helics Group as long as the user wishes to retain membership and receive services that comes along with their membership. When a member decides to de-register and cancel his/her member ship and opt out of the services provided by Helics Group, all personal data collected will be permanently and irreversibly deleted from the website and can no longer be accessed.

Range or Assortment of cookie use

Helics Group websites asks users for cookies and information that would not invade their privacy such as browser version, monitor information, operating system version and log-in information when a member visits our site.

Security management for personal information

In order to protect against unsanctioned access to and illegal interference or handling of personal information, the Helics Group conferences and journals committees and scientific networks have enforced strong security measures on all Helics group stores and controls. However, we cannot eliminate all possibility of security risks and any such breaches shall be conspicuously displayed on the website. Particularly, User ID is at more risk to DNS attacks and may increase the risk of phishing.

Data usage policy

The Data Usage Policy governs the proper maintenance and usage of data on the website and server logs, including the time of log in into the Helics Group user ID by a member. We may also collect non personal browsing information while you use our website, by the use of your IP address and details about the browser that you are using to view our website. When a member logs in to the Helics Group website using the Helics Group ID, we keep a record of the websites he/she visits.

No Linking: The Helics Group does not link personal browsing information from the server logs to the personal information submitted by the members, thereby protecting the privacy of members. Any information collected on the browsing information patterns of members is only for internal review in order to understand the usage of the website and to tailor our services and features to what the members expect of us and for systems administration purposes only.

No Selling or Sharing: Other than the distinctive circumstances mentioned in the Privacy Policy, Helics Group conferences and journals committees and scientific networks shall not sell or willingly divulge information about the non-personal browsing of the member to any third parties.

No Retention: After using the non-personal browsing information for limited purposes discussed above in “No Linking”, the Helics Group conferences and journal committees and scientific networks abandons and deletes this information.

Notice: Our leadership and committees will immediately notify you by a reasonable mode of communication if due to some circumstances we are required to share your non personal browsing information with a third party, unless advised otherwise by legal counsel. We shall use any other non-personal information which has been collected from the member but not mentioned here in strict adherence to the Principles.


The website is meant only for people over the age of 14 and is not meant for children. The website would never voluntarily ask for person information from a child under the age of 14 without asking for parental consent. As per our Master Terms of Use, it is absolutely prohibited to submit any personal information or personally identifying information regarding a child under the age of 14 years. Any person who submits their information on our website understands and claims that they are either 14 years of age or above.

Changes and apprises to the privacy policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated sporadically and when this happens, the Effective date below shall be updated as well. Please examine the Privacy Policy occasionally to stay up to date on the measures we take to protect the information we collect. You agree to this Privacy Policy by continuing to use the website.

Accountability for security breach

It is the members’ responsibility to keep their membership log in credentials (password and log in ID) safe and not disclose it to anyone. The Helics Group leadership would never request you to send your password to them via email or any other means. Please be vigilant when you are logged in so that your personal information is not disclosed to any others.

Please contact us via email or telephone in case of any concerns or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy and we shall try to address your queries or suggestions as soon as possible.

Authorization Policy

By registering to join with Helics Group, you are granting permission to our scientific network to photograph, film video footage and use your name, likeness, image, voice and comments and to publish, reproduce, exhibit, distribute, broadcast, edit and/or digitize images and materials in publications, advertising material or in any other form without compensation. Recording any session by taking photographs and/or videotaping by the participants is prohibited. In case of any queries, please contact us.

In case you have any queries regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us