You have been invited to write a paper for Helics publication on the basis of your expert knowledge within a particular scientific field of research in which we are preparing a new book or journal. Your publishing history, the quality of the sources where your research has previously been published and the relevance and impact of these past publications are some of the key criteria we use during the selection process.

However, once you have been nominated to participate in a book or journal project based on your previously published work, we encourage you to provide us with new results and new insights into the latest developments and challenges within your field of research.

We have found your contact data in publicly available databases and we assure you that all confidentiality agreements have been respected. We have made a strict selection to match your previous work with our next publication's topic.

You were invited to join this project based on your expertise in the field and we believe that you will make a valuable contribution to the selected subject. However, instead of presenting you with precise requirements, we ask you to give us your idea first. If you have any new research you would like to publish or an idea for a theoretical paper, you are invited to present it to us and the Book Editor. This is the reason all book authors are first asked to write a 1-4 pages long chapter proposal explaining the key points of their work. After all the chapter proposals from all the authors are received, the Book Editor decides on the definite course the publication will take.

It is highly unlikely that two or more authors will approach a topic in the exact same way. Even if more scientists are involved in the same area of research, their different results and findings are welcome. If the Book Editor notices substantial overlapping after having read the chapter proposals, he or she will instruct the authors how to develop their chapters in different directions.

No, we don't want you to re-publish your work, but we believe that you may have new scientific research which you are interested in publishing. However, you can still publish your old results with new insights. Please note that if you decide to use some of your previously published material, it is your responsibility to arrange potential copyright issues with the first publisher.

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