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About Helics Group

Helics Group is a proficient association for scientific investigations and progress. Helics Group is emerging quickly and gaining world wide support from scientific forums. With the option of Helics Group Open allows you to publish your work related to all Science disciplines in open access. Helics Group promises you certain advantages such as extensive readership, easy to abide by open access mandate, no copyright transfer and last but not the least enjoy from Helics Group’s brand name.Helics Group publishes original research and review articles in Science, Technology and Medicine through its 13 open access peer-reviewed journals. In the field of scientific research and technical investigation Helics Group serves as the lead organization with proficiency. Helics Group as pioneers in authorization, potential licensure, periodicals, technical discussions, universal agendas and miscellany schemes, dedication to morality, abiding by our goal to encourage and augment information and education in science universally and for its ultimate utilization to human welfare.

Helics Group, a Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Organization is striving to generate a open access system for submission of academic and scholarly work. It is an international forum of breakthroughs, creations, Academic institutions, research laboratory and scientific conferences etc. We at Helics Group deem that Open Access would provide rapid and widespread scientific information to all which would raise the benefits of the research, propagate research and scientific progress and enhance the return on research assets. Helics Group spotlights on enchanting action with stakeholders – with Editors, reviewers, Scientific Advisory Board Members, Organizing committee members, chairs, co-chairs authors, publishers, Academic institutions and libraries – to promote the amazing prospects formed by Open Access digital milieu to proceed further in scientific breakthroughs and creations.

Helics Group like any other catalyst is working hard for achievement. Our realistic program caters to sustain the surfacing of novel scholarly communication models that broaden dissemination of scientific research and lessen the fiscal constraints in scientific forums and to craft a further open system of scholarly network. Lessening hurdles to access, distribution and utilization of research are Helics Group’s policy. The utmost precedence is progress in understanding and execution of processes that ensure Open Access to scholarly research yield. Helics Group’s principal concern is on journal content, International conferences and world class Exhibitions, but our tactic is rising focus on Open Access to research outputs of all kinds – including digital data, e-educational resources and research communications.

Roles of Helics Group

Helics Group will progress through acceptance and continuous research publications through open access. Helics Group will encourage bringing about the much needed changes in infrastructure and background to create “open access” approach as the default system in periodicals. Helics Group’s programs fall under the following wide categories:

Helics Group

Open Access to academic and Scientific Researchers: Helics Group allows instant, hindrance free e-version of scholarly and scientific periodicals, along with the permission to reuse these publications fully in the digital milieu, and follows rules and regulations that facilitate this.

Online Data

Helics Group identifies that the current trends in scientific research is progressively more digital, and that its improvement lies in availability to access, remark on, opinion and suggest upon and reuse data. Helics Group follows the norms that encourage wide, open accessibility and utilization of scholarly and scientific research data.

Online learning Resource

Helics Group trusts that Open Education links teaching, learning and the shared culture of the Internet. Helics Group favors open Knowledge and unobstructed distribution of resources used in teaching, as well as novel advancements to learning where people generate and exchange ideas openly together, and Helics Group promotes practices and policies to progress in this vision.

Helics Group Responsibility

  • Educating people who are at stake (including Editors, reviewers, Scientific Advisory Board Members, Organizing committee members, chairs, co-chairs authors, publishers, Academic institutions and libraries) on disputes in the scholarly communication system and the chances for alterations;
  • Advocating changes in norms that control technological progress in scholarly communication and those which unambiguously distinguish that propagation is vital, always a mutual component of the research process;
  • Incubating manifestation of publishing models that persuade openness for the profit of scholarship and academe,helics Group proposes first-class conferences with technical presentations, a Career Exhibition, and sessions of networking and consultation, among many others.

Further membership profit includes the prospect to obtain prizes and appreciation (including election to Fellow), voting privileges, and the chance to serve in leadership committees and other worldwide schemes in the Science for progress in the field of Scientific Network.

Helics Group, quarterly news bulletin and the creating content for the Associate Member Council section of the Helics Group website happens throughout the year. Annual Meeting programs prearranged by the council comprise yearly conferences, workshop, roundtable and panel sessions about Helics Group’s senior scientists, and a unique competitive Scientific Symposium on pioneering work by young scientists.

  • Helics Group favors sturdily the Open Access proposal. Abstracts and full texts (HTML, XML and PDF format) of all articles published by Helics Group can be accessed right away by everyone after publication through open access option
  • Helics Group contents are covered by Creative Commons Attribution License. Prohibiting from anyone to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work
  • Helics Group sturdily favors the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing.
  • Helics Group’s gives awards to any person for exceptional scientific research. Recipients of the Helics Group Medals are given out for well-designed and extremely significant contributions to contemporary science within the recent history of the field; awardees reveal the initiative of the Helics Group membership.
  • The Medal was established by Helics Group and distinguishes scientists who have made new contributions in their field.

Publishing in Open access allows unrestricted sharing of published articles where the authors hold on to copyright of their work by furnishing a Creative Commons attribution license, thus eliminating any hurdles to access.

  • Research that is unreservedly obtainable online
  • `
  • Open to read, copy, distribute, and use (with acknowledgment) in any manner you wish
  • Author holds on to copyright not the publisher
  • Abides by self-archiving directive
  • Open access is unearthing of world’s most ample online compilation of scientific data in all aspects of science, medicine, and technology
  • Helics Group Open provides you the chance to bring out open access in all branches of science. It is easier than ever for you to expand your circulation.
  • Peer-reviewed open access articles covering all areas of scientific community
  • No page or figure restrictions
  • A urbane online stage through International scientific system
  • Top-notch editorial site with simple online submission and quick review
  • All articles made available without restraints after publication for post review to preserve the standards
  • The choice to make articles unreservedly accessible on publication through Full text, Pdf, and Abstract
  • Articles sent for abstracting and indexing by the Helics Group for the benefit of authors
  • The widest circulation via universal distribution, tailored e-mail alerts, cross referencing, and search engine optimization, and RSS Feeds
  • Better circulation and citations via Editorial Focus articles that emphasize Published articles. Lifetime Hosting
  • Complimentary indexing service
  • Complimentary promotion service
  • Additional citations
  • Search engine friendly
  • Open Access & Peer reviewed journals
  • Quick, excellent and legitimate review process
  • Good prearranged Editorial team
  • Editorial Meetings for all journals and Editorial Board Members
  • Former Scientific Advisory Committees to all programs
  • Instantaneous Publication after acceptance
  • Post review for both research and review articles
  • Scientific Blogs by Editorial Board MembersSurveys and offer opinion and suggestions on published articles
  • Annual Awards and certifications for most excellent articles
  • Membership profits to all programs
  • More social Media supporters, distribution of open Knowledge, and aggressively involving in the conversations
  • All articles are now mobile optimized, ability to access full text articles and abstracts from your tablet or smart phones
  • Interlinked — to and from related articles across Helics Group.com
  • Global — housed on Helics Group.com with universal media exposure
  • Top-notch annual Conferences to be conducted worldwide
  • Well prepared scientific platforms
  • Organizing committee meetings
  • Peer review of all abstracts and posters
  • Well-known speakers and scientists across the globe
  • Poster presentations and exhibitions
  • Awards and certifications for top poster and top speaker
  • Technical interactive sessions & discussions
  • Universal stage for scientific Network
  • Membership profits for all conferences & exhibitions
  • All conference particulars are now mobile optimized, see all abstracts and posters from your tablet or smart phones
  • Supporters on social media and vigorously partake in the conversations
  • Interlinked — to and from relevant articles across Helics Group.com
  • Global — housed on Helics Group.com with universal media exposure