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Mohamed Abdel Monem Mohamed Dkhil


I started my undergraduate studies at Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt. I got my master degree from HelwanUniversity  (1999) then I started research on malaria during my PhD (2000-2004) at Molecular Parasitology Institute, Heinrich Heine University, Duesseldorf, Germany.I am working now at King Saud University as a full Professor. My permanent job is at Faculty of Science, Helwan University, Egypt. I have close to 160 peer reviewed publications in international journals. I am an editor in several journals.

Cairo Uni.  Cairo/Egypt   B. Sc.(Very good with honor) 1990 - 1994   Biology (Zoology)

Cairo Uni.  Cairo/Egypt   Pre-master studies   1994 - 1995      Physiology

Helwan University Cairo/Egypt   M. Sc.   1996 - 1999       Histology and Cytogenetics  

Heinrich Heine Uni.     Dusseldorf/ Germany Ph.D.    2000 – 2004 Molecular Parasitology

Research Interests

  • General area of research is Molecular Parasitology, specifically parasitic protozoa.
  • Studying the host gene regulation during parasitic infection.
  • Understanding the impacts of natural products and nanoparticles on host-parasite interactions.

Honors and awards

State Encouragement Prize for Biological Sciences (Egypt 2017)

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