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Professor/ Head of the Laboratory of Nanostructures,

Professor WitoldLojkowski graduated from Department of Physics of the Warsaw University.

His fields of interest from the very beginning connected with studies under phenomena occurred in nano-scale. They varied during all these years of his research career, but during last near twenty years focused on characterization and synthesis of nanostructures using best and the most accurate methods as possible. In the laboratory he leads, were invented series of microwave hydrothermal reactors MSS, which use high pressure and microwaves for better and shorter synthesis on demand. He is for over 20 years collaborating with national and international research institutes like Ulm University, KIT, CERN as well as numerous researchers like prof. Herbert Gleiter, prof. Hans-JorgFecht and prof. Marcel Van de Voorde.

Recently he is involved in several projects on searching the best possible material for bone implants and bone tissue regrowth scaffolds.

Professor Lojkowski is the Head of certificate Laboratory of Nanostructures in IHPP PAS and also carry the lecturer position at the  Management Department of the Technical University in Bialystok. He has invented with co-workers over 10 patents and he is author of over 250 publications. He has been member of Executive Committees for E-MRS, COST Action and represented Poland as a nanotechnology expert in OECD.

Current Research

Head of very well equipped laboratory with state of the art infrastructures and with young researchers stuff with know-how in characterization and synthesis of nanomaterials and nanostructures.

Laboratory has also on it’s account design of the  line of MSS reactors for microwave, solvothermal synthesis of nanomaterials with application of high pressure. Synthesis in this reactors is rather short and occurred in not so very high temperature, in comparison with the others.

Right now is pending process of evaluation of laboratory procedures, laboratory  obtained ISO certificate for selected nano-particle characterization procedures. Laboratory is offering nano-particles characterization on commercial bases. Small scale commercial sales of nano-particles for scientific research laboratories.

Co-author of multiple publications and co-inventor of several patents, Polish as well as international.

Interested topics

  • Design and development of MSS reactors line for Microwave – Solvothermal-Synthesis
  • Applications of hydroxyapatite based scaffolds, ligaments in nano-medicine,
  • Application of nanopowders doped with rare earth elements as oxygen sensors
  • Synthesis and characterization of nanopowders

2006    Distinction “Ambassador of Polish Congresses” conferred by Polish Tourist  Organization for achievements  in  organization  scientific conferences in Poland,
2007    Gold Medal conferred by President of Polish Republic for achievements in research investigations and education ,
2008     Acknowledgements  from  European Materials Research Society for achievements  in Poland from 2002 conference E-MRS Fall Meeting,
2009    Gold Medal in Petersburg International Exhibition (for the Constructors Team) for microwave reactor for nanoparticles synthesis, type MSS-1.
2010    Gold Medal in International Fair in Poznań (for the Constructors Team) for the microwave reactor MSS-2. 


International collaborations

  • Prof. Cristina Leonelli, UniversitàdegliStudi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Prof. Herbert Gleiter, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Prof. Marcel Van de Voorde, Max Planck Institute for Metal Research, Germany
  • Prof. Hans – JorgFecht, Ulm University, Germany


Guest Editor in Crystals Special Issue: “Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Nanocrystals and Nanostructures”.
Guest Editors: and Prof. WitoldLojkowski

Conference Organization

  • From 2002 member of E-MRS Organizing Committee
  • Organizer of several conferences and Sessions on E-MRS Fall Meetings in Warsaw between 2002 and 2013. All of them devoted to development and resent achievements in Nanotechnology.
  • Organizer of Conference  NanoPL 2014 in Kielce,Poland,  October 15-17.
  • Organizer of Workshops and short meeting like NanoInfoDays within project NANOFORCE between 2010-2012.