The immunology conference is mainly to host presentations from eminent experts across the field to encourage new collaborations in the field of Immunology. Researchers in the relevant fields across the World can present their topics and to discuss the new results.

The Main Theme of this conference is  “Pioneering Trends in Immunological Studies”.

Immune San Diego 2018 aims to bring together leading scientists, researchers and scholars to exchange their views and share their experiences in all the aspects of immunology. The conference covers all the topics related to immunology. It includes plenary discussions, keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations by esteemed delegates with the intention of collecting information on Immunology.

The conference is to offer chance to young participants to harness their career in all the orientations. It hosts presentations from investigators at every career stage reporting their latest research findings. It will be a great platform to showcase your views and make the conference a grand success.

More specifically, it will look at potential speakers. The conference will also identify current situations, challenges and advancements relating to the immunology and its branches. Scientists will seek to share experience and best practices on their work to promote and eradicate the diseases. They will focus on advancements in their related fields.


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For Members

  • Students and Professors
  • Researchers and Scientists
  • Immunology Faculty
  • Microbiologists
  • Oncologists
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Immunotherapists
  • Training Institutions
  • Manufacturing  medical device companies
  • Immunological societies
  • Medical Colleges
  • Pathologists
  • Virologists

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  • Best platform to develop new partnership& collaborations throughout the world.
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1. Learn Attending immunology conference, gives you the chance to listen to different points of view and learn new ideas and trends in your field. They also provide you with new techniques, new types of equipment, data that is yet to be published, and investigators that you may not have heard of.

2. Spread The Impact: Share the knowledge and ideas with your organization: present, discuss and get set to make a change.

3. Incredible Networking: It gives great opportunities to connect with attendees from different perspectives and views, learn from them, make new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. These pave the way for scientific cooperation by meeting and connecting with researchers from different countries. They also help in cooperating collective research projects such as edited books, special issues in peer-reviewed journals or funding applications.

4. Bold Talks: Get inspired by the bold talks of the speakers who are highly skilled and experienced   professionals.

5. Presentation:Presenting your research in a conference helps you in different ways. It presents your work to the scientific circles and helps to improve your work by getting feedback from the experts and influencers in your field.

6. Enjoy Learning In An Innovative Environment: Absorb the knowledge and make a fresh start at work.

7. Have Fun : It add a layer of enjoyment to managing your career growth by mixing a social aspect into your learning.

8. Academic Reputation:This will make you a known figure in academic circles, not to mention the benefits for your resume as it will create an impression that you are an active member of the academic community.

Conference Scientific Sessions will bring you the latest strategies, research, and best practices to improve outcomes through quality and safety in immunological research.

Scientific sessions give an opportunity to meet representatives from different organizations around the globe.Attendees will learn from evidence-based research and discover innovations were they can start using immediately.

Scientific Sessions will continue to serve the latest cutting-edge science and education for those in the fields of immunology.

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Learn From The Experts

"Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't" .One can create an innovative knowledge in this field immunology which will expand their strengths. Learning from the experts develops people to learn something new always which create the mind to think novel.

Immunology conference will be a great event for researchers /scientists/professors/speakers  to discuss new approaches in the field of immunology. This gives more information to the young researchers. The conference is mainly targeted for basic scientists and others who put their effort in this field.The conference aims to provide many interesting perspectives on how medical sciences will woks on immunology and immune systems are changing rapidly, there by providing new opportunities and challenges to explore to the scientists. 

One can create an innovative immunology therapies  that will expand their strengths and discoveries.

Get Inspired

Get inspired by the highlighted keynote and plenary speakers. These talented individuals will motivate and move you to the success in your future.

The bold talks, big ideas, panel discussions etc helps inspiring the next generation of immunologists. This leads to better understanding and gives a unique experience.

Listening to presentations will inform you of what others are doing, will inspire research ideas of your own and will expose you to different styles of presentation.Gather up your courage and do it anyway; you'll learn a lot, and eventually you will get better at it.


about the company logo
about the company logo

Achieve Immune system Success

Achieve Immunology Success:

Immunology conference offers you to achieve success in immunological research!!

The multidisciplinary research areas to join this conference, to discuss the benefits of Immunology and Immune systems in their research and development efforts to advance the networking, and collaborating between different academia, research and market leaders in the field and to stimulate the exchange of educational concepts which ensures a bright future and leaves a legacy of success. 



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